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Monday 23rd March 2020

Good Morning King-Smith Class! 

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend. The sunshine was lovely on Sunday, so I hope you made the most of it! I took my puppy (Cooper) out on a nice walk.


I hope you and your families are all okay and well. It will be so strange not seeing you all smiling in the classroom, this morning. I hope that you are able to join me here each day to continue our learning journey, together.



We now have a class email for you to email me on with any work you have completed and would like me to have a look at, or to email me with any worries or problems you are having with the learning tasks that I have given. 

Class Email  - 


Today I would like you to read through the Isaac Newton PowerPoint that I have attached, with an adult. Once you have read the information, answer the questions from the document 'Reading Questions'. Try and remember the information as this will come in handy during your Science activity.



ROYG - Today you will be learning to calculate perimeter. Remember perimeter means the length all the way around the shape, so you must remember to add the lengths of ALL the sides. Attached is a PowerPoint to work through with an adult so that you understand the methods for working out the answers. Once you have worked through the PowerPoint, you must have a go at answering the questions independently (ask an adult for help if you get stuck).


Blue - Today I would like you to read, write and represent numbers in different ways. There are two sheets attached. Have a go at the document called 'Blue Maths' first. If you are finding this quite easy, then move onto the 'Blue Maths Challenge'. Remember, when you write numbers as words they must be spelt correctly so get an adult to check the spellings for you.


For today's Science activity, I would like you to create an informative poster all about Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was a famous scientist that discovered lots about forces. 

Here are some links to videos that will tell you lots about Newton:


I have also attached a document that you could use to help you form sentences about Isaac Newton on your poster, this document includes a word bank. If you do have a printer, there is also a template you could print off for your child to write on and add colour to.


Story Time 

Myself and Miss Brown have decided that it would be nice to continue our reading of ‘The Sheep Pig’ through Reciprocal Reading tasks as well as Storytime audio clips that you can listen to at home with an adult, on some days. It is important that you listen to these audio clips as the Reciprocal Reading tasks will follow on from these.


In class, we had started reading the Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith. So far in the Sheep Pig, Mr and Mrs Hogget heard a loud squealing sound in the valley from up at their farm. Mr Hogget went down to the fayre in the valley where he discovered the vicar on a stall with a crate. In the crate, was a pig. The vicar got Mr Hogget to guess the weight of the pig and explained that if he guessed the correct weight, he would win the pig. Later that day, Mr Hogget received a phone call from the vicar telling him that he had won the pig and that he needed to collect his prize. Mr Hogget brought the pig back to the farm where Fly, the mother of 4 border collie puppies, cared for the lonely, orphaned pig. She asked the pig what his name was and he replied, ‘I don't know’.

The Sheep Pig - The rest of Chapter 2.