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Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Welcome back class! I hope you had a lovely half-term.

Let’s get our bodies moving with this penguin dance! 


For today’s learning we have…



One lesson will show at 9.30am each day and be available for 24 hours. 

If you are in Mrs Daniel’s RML group you will need to watch set 1. If you are in Ms Ellson’s or Mrs Riley’s RML group you will need to watch the Set 2 Speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. You should watch these every day.


I have attached the link here.




Today your learning is about describing words which are also called Adjectives. These words tell us more about people places and things. When we use adjectives, they make our writing more interesting.




A round ball.                               A huge tree.                             An old lady.              


For your task, I would like you look at the pictures and use the correct adjective to describe the picture. The adjectives are in the word bank on the work sheet.

For your challenge, have a go at writing a sentence with an adjective.

Blue group:

For today’s learning you are looking at initial sounds of words. This is the first sound you hear when you hear a word. Can you hear the initial sound in the word bat?

Have a go at the worksheet.


Today your learning will be on counting in 2s. Can you remember how to count in 2s? Yes? That’s right 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

We count in 2s as it’s a quicker way to count but also because some things come in 2s like socks.

You should all be great at this as we learnt this before half-term.


Watch this video to complete your learning .

Now, Can you answer the questions on the worksheet; colour in the 2s on your grid first. Do you notice a pattern? Some questions may ask you to count back in 2s so use your number grids.


Blue group:

Today our learning will be on counting to 5. For your warm-up, I would like you to count the number of objects and trace the numbers so that you can write down your numbers correctly. For your task, you will be looking at the number on the side and counting the number of objects. You have to circle the group pf objects which match the picture. Remember to do your careful counting.

Now try this game and help Ben find the treasure.


Last lesson our learning was about materials. Do you remember what a material is?

Materials are what things are made of; A window is made of glass.


Do you remember these words and their meanings?

Transparent: See through and lets all light through.

Translucent: Lets some light through.

Opaque: Doesn’t let any light through.

Flexible: Can bend easily.


In your learning today, you have an investigation. An investigation in science is where we complete an experiment to find things out. Today we will be investigating materials; to see if they bend, squash, stretch or twist. You will have a table of results like this one:




The materials you are investigating are foil, Blu-tak, wood, elastic band, fabric and paper. If you don’t have any of these materials at home, you can replace them with e.g. rubber, wool, plastic or metal. Before filling the boxes, you need to make a prediction. A prediction is like a guess but with a reason for your answer.

Once you have completed your prediction, I would like you to complete the table by putting in a tick or a cross. Bend, twist, squash and stretch each material. Do your results match your prediction?

What do you think foil could be used for and why?