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This week we are going to read the classic story of Mulan!


Open up Monday’s powerpoint and pages to read at in the Resources section below:


  • Pages to read (Monday 22.2.21)
  • Reading - Monday 22.2.21


Read through the instructions - they will guide you through the activities you are going to do when you have read today’s pages (Chapter 1 - Pages 2-5).


We have also made a video to help with the activity. Follow the link below:



We are following the Reciprocal reading pattern of:


Predict (Make a sensible guess based on the text)


Clarify words that you didn’t understand

Answer Questions



RML Readers:

Follow the link below:



This week we have started reading Mulan. We are going to learn about the characters in the story this week and write a character description.


Our learning journey this week will look like this:


Monday: SPAG Lesson

Adjectives and noun phrases



Describing a character’s appearance (how they look)



Describing Mulan’s appearance and starting to describe a character’s actions (what they do)



Describing a character’s personality and feelings (what they’re like on the inside and how they feel)



Writing a character description of Mulan.


Open up Education City and log in. We have set you a learn screen and some activities to teach you about how to use adjectives to make our writing more interesting.


Now you have had an introduction to the type of text we are looking at this week:


Go to the resources section at the end of this section and open up:



Writing - Monday 22.2.21 – this is an activity to help us practise using adjectives in our writing. Find the right sheet for your group and open it up.


We have also made a short video guiding you through this activity:



Today in Maths we are all going to be looking at money, each group has a PowerPoint which I have talked through (pause as you need to) then a set of matching questions.


Whilst I am sure that you have all been busy bees over half-term, I know that you have been enjoying Joe Wicks so here is on of his workouts to get the blood pumping!

PE With Joe 2021 Monday 22nd Feb

Story Time

Matilda by Roald Dahl - Part 1