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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed




Watch the video below to learn the 'ar' sound. Join in and make sure you have your fred fingers ready!
You will need a piece of paper to write your spellings on.

Phonics set 2 - ar sound

Maths 1


For your maths learning today you are going to find the difference between 2 sets. You need to count each set and subtract (take away) the smallest amount from the largest amount OR count on from the smallest amount to the largest.

Maths 2


For your maths learning today you need to subtract a 1-digit number from another number. Count the objects (dinosaurs) first before trying to subtract. 



Today is grammar day! 

The words am, is and are help to make lots of doing words.


I am talking. 

I am working.
I am reading.


He is talking.
He is working.
He is reading.


We are talking.
We are working.
We are reading.


Fill in the gaps in the sentences below using: am, is or are.



Today we are learning about The First World War.

Watch the video below to find out some facts. 

Now see if you can order the events on the timeline correctly.