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Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Today’s sound is ea (cup of tea) Watch the video to find out about our new sound.

Phonics set 3 - ea sound

When you have finished, complete the activity.


Today we are going to revise our number bonds that make 10. These are important to learn because if you know these you can use them to work out other calculations too.

First watch and join in with the video.

I Know My Number Bonds 10 | Number Bonds to 10 | Addition Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Now on a piece of paper see if you can write down all the different ways of making 10. If you need help get out 10 objects and use these to help you. Show them to a grown up. Have you found them all?

Now complete the maths activity. After, try the challenge.



This week we will be reading a new book called The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Watch the video to see the book and find out what happens in the story.


Now you have read the story talk about the book with a grown up:

Where did the boy live?

What was his job?

Did he like his job? Why?

What did he do?

Why were the villagers angry?

What did he learn?

On the activity sheet there are some pictures that are all mixed up. Put the pictures in the right order to tell the story. When you have done that. Read the sentences and match them to the correct picture.


In history so far we have looked at Queen Elizabeth II, Rosa Parks and The Gunpowder Plot. Can you remember why they are significant? (important)

Today we are going to find out about a famous event called The First World war. Ask if anybody knows Ro you know anything we do today to remember this event?

That’s right on the 11th November at 11o’clock we stop to remember all those people that have died in the First World war and other wars who have protected us. We wear a poppy to remember them.

Read the power point about the first World War.

Now watch the video to help you with your learning.

FIRST WORLD WAR | Educational Video for Kids

For your learning activity today, you are going to put the important events of the First World War in order then look on the maps and identify some countries that took part in the war and find out where 2 battles took place.