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Watch the video below to practice the 'ow' sound.

Phonics set 3 - ow (brown cow) sound

Today's sound is ow, brown cow! 🐮 We have to look carefully for today's sound because it looks the same as 'ow, blow the snow' and sounds the same as 'ou, sh...

Writing: Grammar


Today you should practice writing sentences.

A sentence starts with a capital letter, makes sense and is punctuated on the end with either a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark.

Here are some example sentences:

The cat jumped onto the high fence.

What a beautiful day!

What time are we going to the park?


Now write some of your own sentences.
You could write about:
your favourite things
a day trip you have taken before
a story you have read or heard
a film you have watched


I look forward to reading your sentences.
Make sure you check you have included a capital letter, you have read your sentences to check they make sense and that you have punctuated the end of your sentences.



Maths: Number bonds to 100 (tens)

LC: Can you make number bonds to 100?
SC: I can count in 10s.
I can say how many 10s make 100.


For your maths learning today you need to practice number bonds to 100 using tens. This means finding different combinations of tens to make 100.


Use the rainbow to help you!

Example: 30 + 70 = 100 and 70 + 30 = 100




For your History learning today we are learning about another significant person. Her name was Rosa Parks. Read through the power point below to learn about why she is such a significant person in history.

Then watch the short video on this link: 


Questions to answer:

Why was Rosa Parks an important individual?
What changed because of Rosa Parks?
What would you say to Rosa Parks if she was still alive today?