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Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Summer Term week 3

Multiply 2 digit numbers

This lesson uses lots of diagrams and pictures to help you understand the calculation. If you wish you can use the column method instead or try the diagrams then check your answers with the column method before looking at the answer sheet.




Convert pounds and pence



This week we will be looking at Spelling and Grammar


For spelling - I would like you to use the following game, which is for the words that we practise in class all the time. I know some of you have been working on these so this will be a fun way to check your learning


choose Y5  - or you could challenge yourself with 6

Blue Boys chose Y3

Blue Girls chose Y2


For Grammar, you have all been sent your password for but I can see some children have not used it yet. This week I would like to see everyone practising their grammar. I would also like you to revisit each one as I will be checking throughout this week to see where I need to give you some more help.


Blue group yours are set for you on there too. 





This week we are going to look at Inventions. Watch the following clip


Oh dear, a breakfast making machine was a great idea but this one did not go quite right. There are lots of other Wallace & Gromit Cracking Contraption video's you can look at - they are very funny.


I would like you to think today about your own invention

What could it be?  What could it do?  How would it help people? How could you make sure it did not go wrong? Jot down your ideas.