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Imagine, Believe, Succeed




I hope that the videos and work sheets are helping you to complete your work. The question sheets get more difficult as you go along but you should all be able to complete the first sheet. If you find the problems solving questions at the end tricky - message me and I will help you.

Summer Term 1 Week 2

Lesson 1 - adding decimals with the same number of decimal places


Blue group

Lesson 1 - add fractions


Listen to or read the story of The Game again, then use the planning sheet on page 18 to design your 'monster animal'. After this complete the activities on page 19


Animals and their habitats

On Friday you were asked to chose an animal you were interested in and find some facts about that animal.


Today I would like you to consider the animal's natural environment - its habitat.  What does an animal need in its habitat, how has it changed to suit its habitat, what might happen if it was in the wrong habitat?


Watch the video below which gives you some examples of habitats and then discusses how different bears live in different environments.


Explain how your animal suits its environment - you can write a short report or you can draw your animal in its habitat and label the things it needs.