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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Monday 30th March

Maths - today we are going to revisit line graphs. There are two sets of worksheets but you only need to do one from each.


Blue girls you have the separate set of sheets.

Blue boys & Red, please complete the first sheet from each set, Orange the second and Yellow/Green the third sheets.  

(the answers are there for you to check). 


Literacy - today you begin with a reading comprehension. Read carefully then write / say your answers. Writing idea, imagine you are walking through the Amazon rainforest. What does it look like? What is the weather like? Are there any plants or animals? Write a setting description - remember to include all your senses and how you feel.





This week we are going to learn about maps. On a map there would not be enough room to write things like - church, post office, main road, motorway and so on, instead maps have symbols which tell us what things are.

You have an activity to complete where you can match the symbols to what you think they mean.

When you have completed this you can check them on the check sheet. I have also included a small section of a map, have a look and see what symbols you can find. What else can you work out about the place on the map?