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Monday 1st March

It's Marvellous Monday!


Good morning Reception! Are you ready to start another week of home learning? As usual, let's start our day by taking a look at some of your fantastic work from last week:

Don't forget to send us your fantastic learning! Our class email is:


Get Moving!


Don't forget that Joe Wicks will be leading a brand new PE lesson on his YouTube channel today. Access it here:


We're going to start our day with a Super Mario dance - we hope you enjoy it!

Remember to look at our PE page for even more activity ideas.




As usual, your three phonics sessions will be available on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel at 9:30am. Access these via the following link:


For your last week of online RML lessons, why not have a look at some of the phonics activities and games on Education City or phonicsplay? Make sure to practise the sounds that you find the trickiest!



For our first three literacy lessons this week, we are going to be finding out about some of the characters from last week’s story, Farmer Duck.


Today, we are going to find out all about ducks. To start off your learning, have a look at the following clip:

For your activity today, we would like you to label the different parts of a duck. Have a look at today’s literacy video to find out more:


I would like you to try and write at least five labels for your duck picture. Let’s have a look at my examples before we start.


Your writing could look like this:



Or you could extend your writing, and make it look like this:



Remember, don’t worry about spellings! Listening out for and writing the sounds you can hear is the most important thing. For example, ‘webbed’ could look like ‘webd’ and ‘feathers’ could look like ‘fevaz’.


To label your duck you can either print out the worksheet below or draw and label your own picture:

Once you’ve finished your writing today, why not have a watch of this episode of Big Barn Farm – I think that something funny is going on at the duckpond!



For today’s learning we are going to practise counting forwards and backwards from 10. First click on this song to practise singing numbers to 10. Let’s see if you can keep up!

Now click on this link to join in with today’s learning. 


Below we have attached some numbers for you to cut out. First can you put the numbers in the right order all the way to 10? Now whilst singing the song 10 in the bed, use 10 toys to act out the rhyme as you sing it. Each time take a number away. When you have no toys left in the bed, try ordering the numbers back from 10.

Understanding the World:


Do you know what Fairtrade is? This week is the last week of Fairtrade fortnight, so we thought that we’d spend some time learning about it.


First, Claire from the Fairtrade Foundation is going to teach us about what Fairtrade means. Let’s see what she says:

Can you tell your grownup three things that you learnt from the video about Fairtrade?


Just like Claire said, it is really useful for people to share why they think Fairtrade is important, to pass the message on. Today we would like you to create a picture or poster including the Fairtrade logo. You can make it use any material that you would like (e.g. colouring pencils, paint, collage materials). If you want to copy/trace the logo, have a look at the picture below:



Once you have made your picture, can you use it to tell someone else about Fairtrade? You could send a picture of it to a relative who lives outside of your household, or stick it on your window so that people walking by can see.


Let’s end today with a question – can you find any Fairtrade items in your house? If not, see if you can spot the Fairtrade logo on some products when you next go to the shops.


Well done for learning all about Fairtrade today Reception – I hope that you remember what you’ve learnt!


Extra activity:


This is an optional activity, which will require grownup supervision and support.


In our Fairtrade video, Claire mentioned that we could help to support Fairtrade by baking a difference. This means creating something yummy that uses Fairtrade products, such as Fairtrade sugar, chocolate, or bananas. Attached below are three Fairtrade recipes – if you are able to, why not have a go at one of them alongside your grownup? Remember to send us some photos of your delicious results!