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Monday 1st February

It's Marvellous Monday!


Good Morning Reception, it's time to start a brand new week of learning! Today is the start of a brand new month - February! To celebrate, let's have a look at a song about the months of the year:

As always, let's start our week off by having a look at some of the fantastic work that we received on Friday:

Remember, we love to see your work! Please send us some pictures of your learning this week to our class email:


Get Moving!


Don't forget that Joe Wicks' will be leading a brand new PE lesson on his YouTube channel today! Access the workout at 9am by following this link:


Remember, we've got lots of other fun PE ideas on our PE webpage if you would like to try something different.



As usual, your three phonics sessions will be available on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel at 9:30am. Please access these via the following link:


We have seen some amazing example of the writing that you produce during these sessions, and would love for you to send us some more examples via our email!



This week we are going to be reading a brand new story called 'The Frog Prince'. Have you heard of it before? Click here to  listen carefully to the story.    


Today I would like you to act out the story. You can use the stick puppets attached if you would like to, or create your own using the toys that you have at home. Can you remember the story? What happened at the start? In the middle? And at the end? I have attached some story sequencing mats below to help you remember what happened:



This week, we are going to be learning something new. We are going to learn all about combining groups.


Have a watch of today’s maths video to find out more:

Today we are going to use some grab hands to practice combining two groups. To make the hands you need to lie your hands one at a time on a piece of paper and draw around them, just like in the picture below:


We would like you to put up to 8 items in a bowl. Then, we would like you to grab a handful of items and put them into one of the hands on your piece of paper. Subitise (count just by looking) then carefully count how many objects you have, and then write the correct number underneath. Repeat this, this time putting the objects into the other hand. Once you have your two groups of objects, can you count how many you have altogether? Write this number in the middle of the two hands.


To adapt this activity, focus on combining groups to make two and three at first. Move on to four and five as required.


Extra challenge:

Pick a number between 2 and 8 and write it in the middle of your grab hands. Then, pick out some objects and put them in one of the hands. Can you tell your grownup how many more objects you would need to put in the other hand to make the number in the middle?

Understanding the World:


For our Understanding the World activity today, we are going to be looking at the lifecycle of one of the main characters from our new story… the Frog!


Have a watch of the video in our resource centre for an introduction:


To find out even more, have a look at the resources below:

Now that you’ve had a look at the resources, can you tell your grownup some of the things that you’ve learnt?


We would love for you to create your own lifecycle of a Frog today. Can you draw a picture for each stage of the frog’s life? We’d love to see what you create!


We've attached an episode of Come Outside below, if you would like to see what happens when Auntie Mabel and Pippin met a frog!