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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Monday 18th January

This week our learning will focus around the story "The Enormous Turnip"

Follow the link below to listen to the story

The Enormous Turnip (Retold by Irene Yates)

To buy the book: book is part of Ladybirds First Favourite Tales series - these retellings are perfect for introducing young chil...


Revisit  the picture card from last week. Can you remember which picture it was?

Talk about the picture once more, the apple is round and has a leaf.

Draw you finger  around the apple and as you do so say "around the apple and down the leaf."


Physical Development.

Yoga time.

Find a safe place and get ready!

Follow the link below and enjoy the story as you practise your daily yoga.

The Enormous Turnip Yoga Story

Join Little Yogis as we learn to be a farmer and pick our very own 'Enormous Turnip,' join in with the postures at home with your family and learn about th...