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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Monday 18th January 2021

Good morning Reception!


It’s Marvellous Monday! We hope you’ve turned on your learning brains and are ready to do some fantastic learning this week.


Let's start off by having a look at some of the wonderful work that you all did last week - we were so impressed!

Remember, we love to see your work! Please drop us an email at:


We are going to start learning about a brand-new book this week. It’s called ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ and it’s by Nick Butterworth & Mick Inkpen. Familiarise yourself with the story by watching the video below:

Jasper's Beanstalk

Get Moving!


Joe Wicks’ new PE lesson will be available at 9am today, and can be accessed via this link: . How have you been getting on with these? The children in school are definitely finding them tiring!


Remember, we've got lots of other fun PE ideas on our PE webpage.




A brand new phonics lesson will be available on YouTube at 9:30am today. Remember to access all three of the sessions!


To view the RWI sessions, please go to the following web link: 




Have you watched this week's story 'Jasper's Beanstalk'? Is it like any other story you have learnt recently? 


Today we would like you to try to remember and recount what Jasper did on each day of the week. Can you remember what Jasper did on Monday? How many days of the week are there? Can you name them all? There are lots of songs about days of the week - try to learn one!


For your writing you can either use the template provided or make your own sheet. Don't forget to write what he does each day! Have you used your sounds to write words? Have you used clear letters? 



For our first day of maths learning this week we are going to look at something called capacity.


Capacity is how much of something fits inside of a container.


Have a look at today's capacity video linked in our video resource centre


The first thing you are going to need to do today is find some different sized containers from around your house. Once you’ve found some, I would like you to tell your grownup about them, using some super maths words:












Do you know what these words mean? Make sure to check with your grownup so you know that you’re using them properly!


For our activity today, you are going to use your containers to investigate capacity. Your first job is to make some guesses. We would like you to use your maths brain to put the containers in order from which one you think has the smallest capacity, to which one you think has the largest capacity.


Now, we are going to check if you were right! Using the same cup each time, to make sure your investigation is fair, fill up each of your containers with water. How many cups of water do you need to fill each container? Remember to write this down so you don’t forget!


Once you’ve filled your containers, have a think about the following questions:


  • Did the actual capacity of each container match your predictions?
  • Did the capacity of any containers surprise you? If so, why?


Extra Challenge:

For an extra challenge today, see if you can find two containers that have a really similar capacity, but look completely different!


Well done for your maths learning today Reception – we hope you didn’t get too wet!



On Monday, Jasper found a bean…


Jasper found the bean when he was exploring outside. Today, we would like you to explore the outside environment around you, just like Jasper did. This could be by going in your garden, or by going on a walk. Before you go, have a think about what you expect to see. Do you think you’ll see any animals? What about some different types of plants or seeds?


Take some paper and a pencil with you – can you draw what you can see? If it’s rainy, you might want to take a picture of what you can see instead and draw it once you’re back inside where it’s dry!


If you want to have a go at identifying some of the plants that you see outside, the free app ‘Seek’ allows you to take pictures of things that you see outside and will identify them for you!


Once you’ve returned from your walk, have a listen to the following clip. How do the different nature sounds make you feel? Did you hear these sounds whilst on your walk?

Nature Sounds