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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Monday 15.3.21


This week we are going to continue to read the classic story of Beauty and the Beast! Last week we reached the point where the merchant has promised to give the Beast whatever he sees first when he returns home.


Open up Monday’s powerpoint in the Reading Resources section below:


  • Reading - Monday 15.3.21


Read through the instructions - they will guide you through the activities you are going to do when you have read today’s pages (Chapter 4 - Pages 16-20).


We are following the Reciprocal reading pattern of:


Predict (Make a sensible guess based on the text)


Clarify words that you didn’t understand

Answer Questions



RML Readers:

Follow the link below:  



Last week we started reading the story of Beauty and the Beast. We learned about how to use prepositions and how to to write a setting description.  This week we are going to keep reading and writing about Beauty and the Beast!


Our learning journey this week will look like this:


Monday: SPAG Lesson

Learning about punctuating speech.



Re-telling a story verbally.

Sequencing events in a story.



Planning our re-tell.

Writing the opening to Beauty and the Beast together.



Writing the build-up to Beauty and the Beast.



Writing the main event and the ending to the story of Beauty and the Beast.


Open up Education City and log in. We have set you a learn screen and an activity to learn about how to write speech.


Now you have had an introduction to how to write speech, it’s time to try using them!


Go to the Writing Resources at the end of this section and open up this document:


Writing - Monday 15.3.21- find the right activity for your group and complete this one.



Last week in Maths, we practised our number and place value skills. This week in Maths we are going focus on our addition skills.  Today we are going to practise using place value to help us add ones, tens and hundreds to a number.


Open up Education City - we have set you a learn screen which will guide you through how to add tens and hundreds to a number, by using place value headings to help.


When you have completed this, open up the resources below and complete the activities!

Catch Up Learning:

This afternoon we are going to do some activities to help us boost our morning learning. We will practise some important skills that we need to help us across all of our learning.


English - we are going to practise adding the correct punctuation into a sentence and to recognise different sentence types:  statements, questions, commands and exclamations.


Maths - we are going to practise our number bonds so we can recall them quickly and use them in larger calculations.


Open up the resources section below for everything you will need for these activities.