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Greenfield Primary School

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Monday 12th July


This term in Reciprocal Reading, we have been reading Fantastic Mr Fox.   This week we are going to finish reading the story!


In each lesson, we will continue to follow the Reciprocal Reading pattern of: 

Predict > Clarify > Question > Summarise.


At the end of the last chapter, Mr Fox and Badger dug their way into Bean's underground cider cellar but they froze when heard a voice and footsteps on the stone steps!


Now open up the Reading Powerpoint below and work your way through the activities!



RML Readers:

Follow the link below: 



This week in Literacy, we are going to be re-telling the story of Fantastic Mr Fox.  Today we are going to practise a SPAG skill to help us with our writing.


When we re-tell the story, we are going to re-tell it in the past tense.  This means that all of our verbs are going to be written in the past tense, as the action has already been done. 


Some verbs add the -ed suffix, like

I walk à I walked or We jump à we jumped. Some verbs are irregular and so they change.

He goes à He went  or  She takes à  She took.


Read through the Powerpoint below and then complete the activity sheet for your group.



This week in Maths, we are going to be learning about Geometry (shapes and their properties).


As a warm-up, let’s practise one of our time-tables using the link below:


Today’s learning is about recognising horizontal and vertical lines in shapes.


Watch the video below and complete the practice questions.  Then open up the activity sheet for your group (in the Resources section below).



Blue Group

Can you remember the names of any 3D shapes?

Complete the sorting and counting activity sheet.

Afternoon Learning:

On a Monday afternoon we have been completing Maths investigations to help us with our problem-solving and reasoning skills.


Open up the resources section below and find the investigation for your group!