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Maths (Numeracy)

Welcome all to Greenfield Primary's Numeracy page




Here we have a selection of information about the subject of Maths and how it is delivered here at Greenfield Primary, we hope you find it useful. On the tabs towards the bottom of this page, we have Assertive Mentoring documents (our assessment tool) to show the curriculum for each year group as well as the Big Maths planning pages to show how the curriculum will be taught within class. 

Please click on each year group to see what the children will be learning.


At Greenfield we use a learning system called Big Maths. We chose to use this teaching method in order to allow a greater understanding of maths whilst matching very closely to the new curriculum. This feeds into our assessments where we use Assertive Mentoring to track each child's progress against all curriculum statements.  We obviously differentiate our lessons to match the abilities of all of our children, but maintain the main concepts that Big Maths uses to allow the children to succeed in all areas of Mathematics. 
Here is why we do it:
  • It identifies the key concepts children need to learn in order to achieve success in maths - for life.


  • Uses a learning system of concrete objects, exaggerated actions and special vocabulary to help every child succeed in our school and become a confident mathematician.


  • The daily structure of Counting, Learn its, Its nothing new and Calculation (CLIC) allows for regular repetition of and revision of key learning concepts. 


  • The learning system builds deep understanding and embeds a picture of the maths in children’s minds so they progress to thinking without the aid of physical objects; they refer to their mental images instead.