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Maths (Numeracy)

Welcome all to Greenfield Primary's Numeracy page



In everyday life we use Maths, from managing finances to telling the time. While most areas of employment use some areas of Maths, some people use Maths as a key element of their jobs; scientists, teachers, engineers and designers. Each of us rely upon the power of Maths to understand the world around us. At Greenfield we aim to deliver a high-quality mathematics education in order to be ready for life.



As the children move through EYFS to KS2 they are met with a curriculum that increases in complexity and the associated efficiency required to deal with this level of skill, whilst revisiting elements term on term and year on year to constantly build on previous learning. 


Starting with regular practice, allows an increased understanding of the essentials that make up number, measure, shape and statistics. This journey begins with with the use of physical resources along side developing mental understanding. Once ready we use these core skills to be able to draw images to support mathematical working. Before finally moving towards written methods, allowing children to develop full fluency.


Once fluent, we teach the children to apply the skills and encourage them to reason with their maths. Using their knowledge to identify relationships that allow them to describe, compare and classify. They can ‘prove it’ by explaining what their knowledge shows and it can be applied to a range of problems. The deeply-connected nature of maths allows for this multi-use of single skills in a wide range of situations. All the while, using the appropriate mathematical language for their age and stage. 


Lastly, when able to reason children are asked to solve problems. This allows for the creative elements of maths to be demonstrated, real life situations where fluency and reasoning are required. Large problems need to be broken down into smaller steps. Allowing for a focus on a specific skill, that once completed adds to the greater solution. Allowing the opportunity to teach determination and perseverance in finding answers.



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Here we have a selection of information about the subject of Maths and how it is delivered here at Greenfield Primary, we hope you find it useful. On the tabs below, we have Assertive Mentoring documents (our assessment tool) to show the curriculum for each year group. Please click on each year group to see what the children will be learning.