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Number Formation Rhymes:


We use number formation rhymes within school to help us practise writing numbers from 0 to 9. These can then be applied to writing bigger numbers.


Remember to say the rhymes out loud whilst you are practising:


0 - From the top, go all the way around.


1 - Go straight down and that is all.


2 - Swing it round and then go right.


3 - Swing it round and then once more.


4 - Down, slide, cut in half.


5 - Down, round, put on a hat.


6 - Come on down and make a curl.


7 - Slide to the right and slant on down.


8 - Make an S and go straight down.


9 - Make a loop and come straight down.


Useful Resources:


The Numberblocks are a great resource to use when practising numbers and counting with your child. Follow the link to view more information: