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Number Formation Rhymes:


We use number formation rhymes within school to help us practice writing numbers from 0 to 9. These can then be applied to writing bigger numbers.

Remember to say the rhymes out loud whilst you are practising:


0 - From the top, go all the way around.


1 - Go straight down and that is all.


2 - Swing it round and then go right.


3 - Swing it round and then once more.


4 - Down, slide, cut in half.


5 - Down, round, put on a hat.


6 - Come on down and make a curl.


7 - Slide to the right and slant on down.


8 - Make an S and go straight down.


9 - Make a loop and come straight down.


Useful Resources:


The Numberblocks are a great resource to use when practising numbers and counting with your child. Follow the link to view their website:


Topmarks has got lots of fantastic maths games including a variety of different maths topics: 


Later on in the year we will begin to learn about telling the time. We will be learning all about o'clock and half past. There are some fantastic games and songs available to help practice this, including: Clocking In, Hip Hop Around the Clock, and The Hands of the Clock song. BBC Bitesize also has some useful guides to support children with their learning. Referring to clocks that you can see around the house/out and about will also help children become increasingly familiar with the concept of time. This online clock is a useful tool if you do not have access to a clock at home: