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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 8th January

Hello Carle Class,


Do you know what day it is today? It’s fabulous Friday! Do you know what day it will be tomorrow? It also seems to be a snowy day so make sure you get outside and have some fun in the snow! Is there enough snow to make a snowball or snow angel? What about a snowman? 


We received lots of lovely emails yesterday, and can tell that you are trying really hard with your learning. Well done!


Please carry on sending us your work, we love to see what you've been up to:



A reminder that today’s Set 1 RWI video will go live at 9:30am on YouTube. Today’s sound will be ‘d’. Can you remember which sounds you have practiced already this week?


Access the videos at this link:



Today we have attached some winter writing. If you can’t print the page you can draw your own winter picture. Can you write a caption for one or more of the pictures? Can you use a sentence today? Say your sentence first then write each word at a time using your RWI sounds.



Yesterday we were learning about comparing different groups of numbers to 5, and we’re going to carry on today. Let’s warm ourselves up for maths with a song. It’s called 1 Little Elephant – can you listen, and then join in?

One Elephant Went Out To Play

For your activity today, you need a set of number cards to five. You can print the ones attached below if you would like to, or you can make your own (starting from zero). Once you have your number cards, I’d like to see if you can recognise the numbers. Can you tell your grownup what each number is?

Now, you need to find some things to put on your cards. If you’ve got some small toys (e.g. farm animals) that would be great, but if not anything will do. Can you sort the correct amount of toys on to each number card? Remember to count carefully to check your answers!


Once all of your toys are sorted, we want you to have a go at comparing them. Remember, comparing means saying what is the same, and what is different. When we compare we need to use some important words:


More than – when we have a larger amount of something


Fewer – when we have a smaller amount of something


The same – when more than one item/group share a characteristic (e.g. both groups have 3 items, they are the same)


Have a think about the questions below to start you off:


  • Can you find which cards show more than 2 objects?
  • Can you find which cards show fewer than 4 objects?
  • How many fingers do you have on one hand? Can you find the card that shows the same number of objects as this?


Now, we would like you to have a think about your own ideas. How else can you compare the sets of toys? Remember to let us know about the ideas that you come up with via our class email.


Extra challenge: If you would like to keep practicing comparing numbers, have a go at the PowerPoint attached below:



Did you find out what happened to the water in the container you put in the freezer? Did it turn into ice? Why is that?


Now you know how to make ice can you explore how to melt ice? How can you get out the toy you froze inside the ice? You can either explore different things in your house such as heat, salt, etc. or have a go at one of the experiments attached. Don’t forget to send us your pictures!

Well done Reception, you’ve finished your learning for this week – we hope you enjoyed it! Have a lovely weekend and we will be back on Monday. 😃