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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 5th March

It's Fabulous Friday!


You've made it to the last day of home learning! A huge WELL DONE to all of you - you're all superstars! 🌟 We are really looking forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday. You will have all been made aware of the arrangements by now, but as a reminder:


Carle 1 and Carle 2 will start at 8:45am and end at 2:45pm.


Parents/guardians need to be wearing a mask on school premises. Appropriate social distancing must also be maintained.


A PE kit will not be needed yet this term, however it is really important that your child brings a set/s of named spare clothes.


Let's start our Friday by having a look at some more of your amazing work:

Get Moving!


Which PE activity are you going to start your day with? Remember to look at our PE page for ideas!


Because you have all been such fantastic learners for the past few weeks, we thought we'd start off by telling you 'You're the Best!':



As usual, your three phonics sessions will be available on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel at 9:30am. Please access these via the following link:


For your last week of online RML lessons, why not have a look at some of the phonics activities and games on Education City or phonicsplay? Make sure to practise the sounds that you find the trickiest!



For our last literacy lesson this week we are going to spend some time familiarising ourselves with lots of different farm themed nursery rhymes. Watch through the videos below and see if you can learn the actions and lyrics. Then have a go at the activity below:


Let’s start by refreshing our memory of Old MacDonald:

Our next rhyme is called Farmer in the Dell. It’s all about what a farmer gets up to during the day. Can you add some actions to it?

The next rhyme we are going to look at today is called Mary had a Little Lamb. Have a listen below:

Now let’s have a look at one of my favourites. It’s called Dingle Dangle Scarecrow – make sure you join in with the actions!

Let’s finish off with one that we already know, Baa Baa Black Sheep:

Now that you’ve had a go at singing all of the nursery rhymes, I’d like you to have a think about the following question:


What was your favourite nursery rhyme and why?


Can you write down your response? Here is my example:



Remember to use your capital letters, full stops and fingers spaces!


Well done for all of your hard work in Literacy this week, and over the past few weeks. We have seen some fantastic progress and are really pleased!



Today we are going to continue exploring amounts to 10. Let’s start by counting to 10 with this great song:

Now click on this link to join in with today’s learning.


Your task today is to make 10 by counting on. We would like someone to help you with this activity, it could be your grown up or a brother or sister. Ask them to hide 10 objects (dolls, teddies, toys, cars) around the house or garden. Then create your own 10 frame using chalk or sticks if you are outside or draw one on paper if you’re inside.

Go round the house or garden and find a few objects. Each time you come back to the 10 frame, count how many objects you have found and count the blank spaces to see how many you have left to find. So if you find 3 you will have 7 left to find because 3 and 7 make 10.



For our creative task today, we would like you to make your very own duck. You can make your duck out of whatever material that you want to, however we thought that we would try to make a handprint duck.


Here are some examples:



You could cut out your handprint from paper and colour it in or you could use paint to print it on to the paper. If you want to, you could then decorate it using feathers, sequins, pompoms or pens and pencils.


We can't wait to see what you come up with - please remember to send us your pictures!

Thank you for all of the pictures that you've sent us of your fantastic home learning since Christmas - we have absolutely loved seeing what you've been getting up to and can see that lots of you have tried so hard with your learning. Have a lovely weekend and we'll see you on Monday!


Mrs Daniel and Miss Stanley