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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 5th March

It's Fantastic Friday!

We hope that you have enjoyed all the activities that have been set around our book this week.

All of our Inkpens have done brilliantly this week. 

Well done everyone we hope that you have a lovely weekend.

Physical Development

Let's stomp like dinosaurs on this ferocious Friday!


Our book this week was called "The Blue Balloon ". 'Blue' and 'balloon' both start with 'b'. 
When words that are close together both start with the same sound it is called "alliteration". That's a big word, can you say it to your grown up? It can be funny when it becomes a tongue twister.
Here are some examples of alliteration that you might like to try and say.
The boy buzzed about as busy as a bee.
Little Larry likes licking lollipops.
Paula painted the pretty pink poppies in the pot.


Our picture this week was a boot. It made a 'b' sound. We have learnt a lot about the sound 'b' this week.

Your task today is to go on a sound hut in your house and outdoors and find as many things as you can that start with 'b'. You might be able to remember the things we put in our sound soup or the things in our songs. Happy hunting. smiley


You will need the balloons or the pictures of balloons from earlier in the week.

Ask your grown up to hide the balloons outside or in your house. Your task is to find all the balloons and tell your grown up which numbers you have found. Once you think that you  have found all the balloons write down the numbers that you have to check you have them all.

Music and Movement

This very special piece of music is called flight of the bumble bee. What else can fly? That's right, a ballon. Can you move to the music like a balloon flying up in the air? Are you going to move fast or slow?