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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 3rd April



Last day of the week and I would like you to continue with column subtraction. Start by recapping the expanded method and then try to use the compact column subtraction. Remember to exchange from a higher value column when you need to. Watch some videos on YouTube about column subtraction if you are finding it tricky. 




It's Friday, and the fractions are back! Continue to use strips and perhaps use physical objects if you have something like counters or cubes. Find fractions of amounts by folding the strips or sorting the objects into groups of the denominator (the bottom number). 




You have the two poems from this week to recap today. You need to read both of them again and state which one you prefer. Write down three reasons why one is your favourite. 


Then, I'd like you to make a story board for one of the poems. You can use the Storyboard page or the comic strip at the bottom. Think about how you would tell the story in six parts and use words and pictures to show those main parts. 


Now I'd like you to use your storyboard to write a story version of the poem you chose. Think about using some noun phrases in your story and use prepositions to do this, like you did earlier this week. 




Read the poem called The Spangled Pandemonium by Palmer Brown. Think about the rhyming patterns that the poem uses. Use a highlighter or coloured crayon to highlight the rhyming words in each verse. On the Rhyming Words page, add as many words as you can to each set of words. 


On the My Spangled Pandemonium page, draw what you think the creature actually looks like and colour it in. Now write a description of the creature. Use full sentences with all of the punctuation that you need. Try to use some really interesting adjectives too, not just words like 'big' or 'blue'. 


Other Activities




Research the Easter story. Use the comic strip at the bottom to retell the story in your own words.


Then make an Easter card to give to somebody in your family. Send pictures to the email when you've done.


Physical Education 


Thursday's P.E. with Joe Wicks.




One more Geography task. I would like you to use a blank map of Asia and label at least 10 countries on it. If you don't have a printer, you could draw or sketch a map of Asia and use that instead. I've attached some examples at the bottom.