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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 3rd April

Today is going to be a fantastic day, let’s get moving! Months of the year with some dance moves, can you follow this?

For today’s learning we have…



Remember to practise your sounds daily. RWI will be holding daily virtual lessons for children to practise their sounds:

Set 1 sounds at 9:30am or 12:30pm

Set 2 sounds at 10:00am or 1:00pm

Set 3 sounds at 10:30am or 1:30pm



Today is our handwriting and spelling day .See the link I’ve attached and remember your lead ins and always start on the line. You don’t have to print this out, you can practise them on a piece of paper at home.



This week we are learning about the story of Giraffes Can’t Dance


Today I would like you to write a book review of your favouritre story either; Meerkat Mail or Giraffes Can’t Dance. I want to know:

1. Why this story is your favourite?

2. What your favourite part was and why?

3. Who you would recommend this book to and why?

As a challenge; can you find any other stories written by the author of the book you have chosen?


Remember to use

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces
  • ‘and’ or ‘because’
  • As a challenge see if you can include a question (?) or exclamation sentence (!)



For our maths warm up let’s test those brains with some ordering of numbers starting with the largest first:


Today’s learning is taking away.

G/Y/O/R: Remember when taking away we can’t do switchers, so use number lines, draw lines and cross them out or count back using your fingers or in your head.

Blue group remember to count carefully and form numbers correctly.

Put it to the test with this rabbit game:



Last week we learnt about staying healthy in our science lesson, today we are going to be learning about changes. With an adults help, I would like you to heat up some bread. I want you to draw a picture of what the bread looks like before and after it is heated. What does it look like, smell, like, taste like, feel like and sound like?

What are the biggest changes? Can this change be undone?

What other changes can you do at home?



Mackenzie Thorpe is a British artist, he was born in 1956 and is now 64 years old. He has painted lots of pictures, see if you can find some on the internet. Today I would like you to draw/paint a picture of a giraffe in the style of Mackenzie Thorpe.