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Imagine, Believe, Succeed



 For your reading learning today I would like you to read the attached text and answer the questions about the text.


The text you will be reading today is a non-fiction text called 'Layers of the Ocean'. 


In our maths learning this week  we have been practising our multiplication and division skills. 

Today we are going to put those skills into practise and solve some multiplication and division word problems. 

Read the questions and identify the important parts, you need to check the wording carefully to see if it is a division or a multiplication problem.


Here is an example:



This question tells us that there are three 5p coins. It asks how much money there is altogether.
We need to multiply the 5p coin 3 times.
We are calculating 3 x 5

5, 10, 15 - 3 lots of 5 is 15.

So there is 15p altogether.


When you complete your questions, write out the calculation that you are completing.



Writing - Spelling


Today you are going to learn how to spell some more homophones.

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings.


Watch the video on the link below to learn about homophones.


Today we are going to learn about homophones with a silent k. The spelling rule is that a k is always followed by n and the n is followed by a vowel.  

Here are some homophones: 
not / knot   
nit / knit,
new / knew
night / knight

Do you know the meaning of these words? If not you could find out or ask a grown up.


For your learning activity you need to match the words to their meanings. 



In our PSHE learning today we are going to learn about what makes us healthy.

Can you think of any ways people can keep themselves healthy?

Watch this video clip on the link below to find out why we need to be healthy.

Now work through the power point to learn some ways to keep healthy.

For your main activity you are going to say 3 ways to keep healthy and draw a picture to show each way.