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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 27th March

Remember to download your activity sheets from the bottom of the page. 



Practice your written multiplication today Cowell Class.

You must be able to partition 3-digit numbers.

423 x 6 =

423 would be 400, 20 and 3.

Then multiply each by 6. 

400 x 6 = 

20 x 6 = 

3 x 6 = 

Then add your answers. 

You could do all of this using column method too. The document at the bottom calls the column method the 'ladder method'. 




Today, I'd like you to recap and practice your written addition. Your activities are at the bottom. You can first add the numbers by partitioning them first. This should make it easier and you can possibly do it in your head. After that, try to use the column method without splitting the number. Let me know how you are getting on. 




You have a poem called 'Younger Brother' today. Practice reading the poem in your head and then out loud with expression.

Does the poem remind you of anybody? 

How many objects does the younger brother collect? 

These words are all nouns. Use the Revision Card to help you remember about nouns, verbs and adjectives. 


Now read 'In The Cave'. Can you find the nouns, the verbs and the adjectives in this poem? Highlight or underline them all in a different colour. Don't forget to write a key too. I'd like you to highlight the nouns and verbs in 'The Teacher's Day in Bed' too. Try adding some of your own lines to the poem too. 




St George and the Dragon - Your next activity is based on a poem called 'Aliens Stole My Underpants'. You have some comprehension questions to answer after you read the poem. Then describe the alien based on how you imagine it. Use the questions to help you come up with sentences. Try to use interesting adjectives. 


Icarus - If you started with Icarus, you next activity includes listening to some songs based on different emotions. Write down the words that describe how each song makes you feel. Then cut out the onomatopoeia cards and sort them based on the emotions they make you feel. Onomatopoeia words are words that sound like what they mean. Some examples would be: bang, snap and snip. Later on, use the writing frame to write your own poem. 


Other Activities


Hey Cowell Class!

How are you getting on with your activities? 

Try using the email address below to send over pictures of the work you've produced.

Stay well. 


History (Project) 


We had been learning about flight over the last term and the next subject in this topic was going to be the moon landing. Back in 1969, humans stepped on the moon for the first time. I would like you to use the link below to find out some more information about this incredible event!


Then, I'd like you to recreate the moment that these awesome astronauts first stepped on the moon. You could recreate it by drawing it, writing about it or even creating a model of it using whatever you have. You could make a model out of paper, cups or even toilet rolls (if you have any)! Make sure you ask for permission or help from your parents if you do want to make a model. 


Physical Education


Here is Joe's video from Thursday. Keep fit and active when you can Cowell class.




I gave you a list of Science experiments to have a go at. If you have investigated any of the experiments or if you have found one of your own, send me a picture or a description on I'd love to see some of your investigations. I will post an investigation on Friday. Come back Friday to have a look!