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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 26th June 2020

Hello Dahl class. I hope you have had a lovely week in the sunshine. Today is Friday which means it is the last day of home learning for this week. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe smiley

Reciprocal Reading


Today you are going to begin reading chapter 9 of Nim’s Island.   


Your Task: 
Today, you are going to read the pages of chapter 9 and then you have some words below to clarify. Remember you may use an online dictionary or  if you have one at home (some words may not be in the dictionary so you need to read the sentence and write a definition that you think explains the word based on how it has been used). 

  • hobbled 
  • jagged
  • cord
  • limpets 
  • humphed
  • coax
  • hauled 
  • galumphed



Today, you are going to use your planning from this week’s literacy learning to write your own story of ‘Nim’s Island’ using the characters that you decided on Monday on your very own island. The characters must bump into a problem during the story similar to Jack, in Nim’s story (his boat got broken during the storm). Then you are going to try and find a way to solve the problem and then write an ending to your story. 


Remember when writing a story you need to use adjectives to make the story interesting for the reader and also so that it paints a picture in the reader's head. You also need to include: 

  • capital letters
  • full stops
  • finger spaces
  • cursive handwriting
  • adjectives
  • adverbs/fronted adverbials
  • interesting/powerful vocabulary
  • conjunctions (and, so, but, however, despite the fact, although)



Today, I would like you to have a go on TimesTableRockstars. Log into your account and hit ‘Play’. I have individually set you all the times tables you need to practise. This is just to help you keep up with practising your times tables and improve your speed and fluency with mental maths.


I will have a look later at how your scores have improved and how many coins you have earnt. 


Have fun Rockstars!


Today, in History we are going to be learning about Anglo-Saxon beliefs. There is a video for you to watch if you follow this link: 

There is also information for you to read about Anglo-Saxon beliefs, religion and how they were buried when they died on the same weblink as above. I would like you to watch the video and read this information. Then, there are a few different web links that tell us a little bit about Sutton Hoo which is an Anglo-Saxon burial ground:


Once you have read this information, I would like you to design a poster to explain some of these aspects you have learnt about today: 

  • What are the Anglo-Saxon beliefs?
  • What happens to them when they die? 
  • What are they buried with? 
  • What does the burial site at Sutton-Hoo tell us about Anglo-Saxon beliefs? 


Remember posters may include pictures, colourful designs and lots of information under different subheadings. Don’t forget a heading to tell me what your poster is about!