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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 26th February

It's Fabulous Friday!


Good Morning Reception! We've made it to the end of another week of home learning. You and your grownups are all doing a fantastic job and we are so proud of you!


Let's start of our day by looking at some of your fantastic learning from yesterday:

Please drop us an email to - we love to see pictures of your fantastic learning!


Get Moving!


Which PE activity are you going to end your week with? Remember to have a look at our PE page if you want some ideas! Joe Wicks will be leading another live PE lesson at 9:30, access it here:


We are going to get ourselves ready for our learning by clapping it out with this fantastic song!



Don't forget your last RML lesson of this week! Access it at the following link:


We have seen some absolutely amazing pieces of work that you have done during phonics this week! Could you send us some today?




Are you ready for our last literacy lesson of the week? Today’s lesson is going to be all about rhyming, have a look at today’s video to find out more: 


For your learning today, I would like you to come up with some of your own silly rhyming sentences, just like the ones in the video. First you need to think of your two rhyming words, and then you need to put them into a sentence. Once you’ve thought of your sentence, clap it out and write it down.


Once you’ve written your sentences, I would love for you to draw some pictures to demonstrate them! Here is my example:




If you wish to, you can print off the below worksheet to guide your writing:

Don’t forget to send us some examples of your fantastic work!



Today we are going to continue our careful counting and exploring amounts to 10. Let’s start by counting to 10 with this great song:

Now click on this link to join in with today’s learning.


Your task today is to play your own game of Bingo. First cut out the cards or you could make your own. Turn them all face down and take it in turns to turn over 1 card ay a time. When you turn it over, count the amount on that card (you could draw dots if you’re making your own cards), now see if you have that amount on your bingo card. If you do, then cover it with a counter or cross it out. Now it is your partners turn to turn over a card. Remember if you find all the numbers on your card you have to shout BINGO!!! Have fun!

Understanding of the World:


In this week’s story, we saw the farmer become very unhealthy because all he ate was chocolates! Do you think that chocolate is a good thing to eat all the time?


Today, we are going to learn all about healthy foods with Miss Hughes from Oak Academy. Have a watch of the lesson at the following link:

We would love for you to design your own healthy meal today. You can draw it, just like Miss Hughes, or if you are able to you can make it with real ingredients. Remember to try and include something from each of the food groups – you can use the diagram below, or at the end of Miss Hughes’ video, to help you. Have fun and remember to send us your examples!



Why not finish your learning today with a song? This one is all about fruit and vegetables, see if you can join in: