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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 24th April


Good morning Carle Class! It is Fabulous Friday!



Remember to practise your sounds daily. RWI will be holding daily virtual lessons for children to practise their sounds:

Set 1 sounds at 9:30am or 12:30pm

Set 2 sounds at 10:00am or 1:00pm



For your Literacy today we want you to think about what food you like and what food you don’t like. Have a go at drawing a plate or lunchbox or get an adult to print a template off. Then draw some food that you like in your lunchbox/plate and label them. Now draw some foods you don’t like around the plate or lunchbox and label them too!

Don’t forget to write your labels next to each picture. Have you used your Fred fingers?

You could also write a sentence at the bottom of your picture to say which is our favourite food and why.

(Remember we want your child to use their sounds to spell so not all words will be spelt right!). Don’t forget the checklist we use in class when writing. Have you used your Fred fingers to spell words? Have you got finger spaces between your words? Are your letters well formed? If you notice a letter is the wrong way you could practice that to!



Good morning! Lets start our maths learning off by recapping what 3D shapes we have learnt. Can you find any shapes in your house? What shapes did you find? Can you name them? How many corners do they have? How many sides do they have?

How far did you get counting backwards yesterday? We had some amazing videos of children thank you! Can you count backwards from 40? Use your number line to help you so you know what each number looks like? Think you can count backwards from a bigger number? Have a go and let us know what you got to.


Today we are going to look at missing numbers. What number comes next? 1,2,3? Did you get 4? Lets try another one, 9,10,11,12? What comes next? Did you get 13? Attached is two sheets for you to use to help you with missing numbers. Use the numbers that you can see and start counting. What is the pattern? What comes next? Don't worry if you do not have a printer, you can write the answers down using paper, chalk on the floor outside, you can use anything to record your answers.


Lets finish off our maths by working on what we looked at all week, estimating. This is a new skill you are learning so it is important to keep going over this skill. Estimate how many objects you can see. Estimating is guessing how many objects you have without counting them. Once you have estimated how many objects you have, count and see if you were close.




What foods do you eat at home? What is your favourite food to eat? What is healthy food and unhealthy food? Can you list all the healthy foods that you eat? We would like you to keep a food dairy over the weekend. Remember to use our checklist and draw us some fabulous pictures of the foods you have eaten. Attached is a powerpoint to help you sort healthy and unhealthy foods.



Story time


This is one of our favourites- 'Rumble in the Jungle'


Have a lovely weekend Carle Class, we are missing you all and look forward to seeing you soon. Remember to keep safe and keep smiling :) 


Miss Pegler and Mrs Evans