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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 22nd May 2020

Hello Dahl class. It was lovely to see some of you on our Year 3 Zoom yesterday.


Here are your activities for today. Remember, today is our last day of home learning as we have a half term break for 1 week. I will be back with more activities after half term.


Have a lovely break and stay safe!smiley

Reciprocal Reading


Today, we are going to continue reading chapter 4 of our book ‘The Legend of Captain Crow’s Teeth.’ 


Read today’s pages and then think carefully about this question and write a sentence to explain it to me. 


Why do you think Marty ‘did what he was told for once, without argument’? What might have made him do this? (Use what you know from what you have read so far).



Today, you are going to complete your ‘big write’ and this is where you will write a retell/explanation/description of Will’s Journey home from the Jig. 


You may use your ‘S’ plan to help you sequence events and to include interesting and powerful adjectives and expanded noun phrases and interesting verbs and adverbs. 


Remember, when writing you must include: 

  • Cursive handwriting 
  • Capital letters 
  • Full stops 
  • Finger spaces
  • Interesting adjectives and expanded noun phrases
  • Verbs and interesting adverbs
  • Commas in a list or when using adverbs



Today, I would like you to have a go on TimesTableRockstars. Log into your account and hit ‘Play’. I have individually set you all the times tables you need to practise. This is just to help you keep up with practising your times tables and improve your speed and fluency with mental maths.


I will have a look later at how your scores have improved and how many coins you have earnt. 


Have fun Rockstars!



This week in Music, we are going to continue learning about Scottish music by researching and finding out about a variety of musical instruments that are used in this particular type of music. 


Below are some information cards where you can find out about musical instruments used in Scottish music. 


After you have looked through the cards, choose one instrument and fill in the research sheet.