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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 22nd January


Revisit RMI card "s".

Use your finger to trace over the "s" as you do say "Slither down the snake."

Don't forget to always start at the top.


Physical development.

For one last time practise your daily yoga.

What is your favourite part of the routine?


Outdoor role play.

Turnip soup.

Put some chopped up turnips or any vegetables into a tray or a container of water. You will also need some old containers or bowls and spoons if you have them.

Make your own turnip soup you can add soil grass or anything you like to your soup give it a big stir,   mmmmmmm deliciouus.

Don't forget this is prented role play you musn't try to eat it!!!!

Let your imagination take over as you stir and mix the soup.



The Enormous Turnip Yoga Story

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Writing and mark making.

Write a list of the things that you put in your outdoor soup.

Can you say what you have written?

Note:- Marks, shapes and squiggles are all acceptable forms of writing at your childs age.