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Friday 22nd January 2021

It's Fabulous Friday!


Hello Reception, it's time for your last set of learning for this week. Because it's Friday, we thought that we'd start today with a song. It's a song all about the days of the week - can you remember what they are and join in?

Days of the Week

We hope that you enjoyed the song! Now it's time to have a little look at some of the fantastic work that we were sent yesterday before we start our learning:

Can you send us some of your work today? We'd love to see it!


Get Moving!


Which PE activity are you going to do today? Remember to have a look at our PE page for ideas!


We thought we'd start the day with some of Oti's Boogie Beebies; this episode is all about fruit and vegetables -




Don't forget your last phonics lesson of the week! It will be available at 9:30am in the usual place:



Did you keep a picture or photo of the garden you made yesterday? Today we are going to use them for our writing.


Today you are going to explain what you put in your garden and how you made it. First get your photo or the design of your garden, then use simple words or sentences to explain the different parts.


For example; The rocks are Coco Pops


or;   rocks    Coco Pops 


Remember to send some of your fantastic writing to our class email address!



If your child is not yet confident with numbers up to five, please go to this page:


We are going to focus on one more brand new number this week. It’s the number…


It’s the number 8! I think it’s time for us to meet our final Numberblock for this week:


To find out even more about the number 8, have a look at today's maths video:


For our maths activity today, we are going to make something that has got 8 legs, to remind us of all of the numbers that we have learnt so far. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a clue – it lives under the sea and it’s legs are very long!

It’s an octopus! Have a look at the picture below for inspiration:

Just like the picture above, we would like you to use some colourful dots/buttons/stickers to represent each of your numbers. Make sure to use your subitising (recognising a number of objects without counting them first) and careful counting to make sure that all of your octopus spots ae in the right place.


Remember, if your child is not yet confident with numbers to 8, feel free to adapt the activity and give your octopus a few less legs (it can always be a jellyfish instead!)


We’d love to see your creations! Please send them to us at our class email:



On Friday he picked up all the slugs and the snails…


Today, we are going to have a think about slugs and snails. Have a look at the resources below and then tell your grownup 5 facts that you have learnt:

Snails, Slugs, and Slime!

Now we’ve learnt all about real slugs and snails, I think that we should move our attention on to a very special slug. His name is Norman. Have a watch of the story below to find out why he’s so special.

Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell

Did you like finding out about Norman and his silly shell? Today, we would like you to design your own silly shell for Norman. Think really carefully about which shapes and colours you are going to use - maybe you could even use some of your favourite food like Norman did!


Remember to show us what you create! Please send your pictures to our class email:


To finish off this week, Mrs Daniel is going to read you a story. It's called Little Cloud and it's written by our class author, Eric Carle. Enjoy!


We've finished our home learning for this week Reception! Well done for all of the hard work that you and your family are putting in at home, you should be super proud of yourselves ⭐


See you on Monday for some more fantastic learning!