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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Morning Ahlberg class, it is Friday, what day was it yesterday can you remember? What day will it be tomorrow then? Today it is the Ghostbusters dance, are you ready?  


For today’s learning we have…



One lesson will show at 9.30am each day and be available for 24 hours. 

If you are in Mrs Daniel’s RML group you will need to watch set 1. If you are in Ms Ellson’s or Mrs Riley’s RML group you will need to watch the Set 2 Speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. You should watch these every day.


I have attached the link here.




Friday – Spelling

Year 1: Today we are going to look at our spelling families.

Can you say the sound they make?

a-e(make a cake)    e-e (Go Pete and Steve!)   i-e (nice smile)    o-e (phone home)     u-e (huge brute)

They all make a long vowel sound.


Today you are going to look at the pictures and use your Fred fingers to spell the word next to each picture.

Blue group:

Can you match the picture to the word? Look at the picture and say what you see. Then, by using your fantastic letter and sound knowledge and blending, match the word to the picture.


Just like yesterday, Our learning will be on measuring lengths using non-standard measures. Yesterday, we measured objects using cubes. Today, we are answering questions.




Have a look at the car and the crayon. The crayon is 4 cubes long and the car is 4 rubbers long. Are they the same length?


Here we are using different non-standard measures so have a good hard think.

Watch this video for your learning and complete your worksheet.


Blue group:

All week, you have been learning about the numbers to 5. Today you will be learning about the number 6. For your warm-up I want you to trace and write your numbers to 5. It’s important that we practise these.

Now I would like you to trace and write the number 6 on the lines. Count 6 of the frogs and the circles then shade them in. Remember your careful counting!

Music/ Computing

Today we will carry on learning about pulse. Pulse is a steady beat like a ticking clock or your heartbeat.

This week we will be learning how sounds can be shown using symbols or pictures and the relationship between pulse and rhythm.

For this lesson you are going to need a teddy or a toy, a pencil and a piece of paper.

Click on this link to watch today’s lesson with Ms Glover:


Can you keep up with Joe Wicks in this week’s PE lesson here.