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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Morning Ahlberg class, it is Friday, what day was it yesterday can you remember? What day will it be tomorrow then? Today it is the Ghostbusters dance here, are you ready?


For today’s learning we have…



One lesson will show at 9.30am each day and be available for 24 hours. 

If you are in Mrs Daniel’s RML group you will need to watch set 1. If you are in Ms Ellson’s or Mrs Riley’s RML group you will need to watch the Set 2 Speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. You should watch these every day.


I have attached the link here.


In your learning today, you will be focusing on the vowel sounds ai, ea, ie, oa and ue.

ai (snail in the rain)

ea (cup of tea)

ie (apple pie)

oa (goat in a boat)

ue (come to the rescue)

Look at these words, what is the vowel sound in each of these words?

Scream, road, fries, rescue, nail

You are going to sort out the words into which vowel sound they make using the special friends: ai, ea, ie, oa and ue. When you have finished choose 5 words and write a sentence for each. Can you spell each of the words on the challenge activity?

See if a grown up can quiz you on spelling these words too! How many words can you spell correctly?


Have a go at this game.


Blue group:

Today you will be focusing on the ck sound.

ck (tick tock clock)

Have a look at your worksheet. Do you recognise the letters and the sounds they make? Can you read the words using your Fred Fingers? Cut out the pictures and stick them in the box next to the word.

Have a go at this game.


Can you remember what you have learnt over the last few weeks? Today we will be answering a mixture of questions on the things we have been learning. Let’s see what you have remembered; I’m sure you have remembered lots!


Blue group:

Today we will continue with our learning of the number bonds. I would like you to add small numbers together up to 10 using pictures to help you. I know you will do well!

When we add number together, the total number will be bigger than the numbers that you have added together.


For example:


4 + 1 = 5    (5 is bigger than 4 and bigger than 1.)



Look at photos on the power point here.

Look at how we can crop photos, change the colour and add borders to blur the edges. Think about what the pictures are for, so if your story is sad, maybe turn the pictures to black and white. If it is a happy story keep the pictures in colour. 

You can edit your photos but you might adult help with loading the images onto the app or computer.

Editing means changing to make it better.

Uploading means to put an image onto a computer or app.

Importing means to bring something like an image from somewhere else.

Cropping means to trim the image to make it smaller.

Why would you make changes to your photo? 

What effect do your changes have?

Can you create a guide called ‘How to edit an image?


What went well? What didn’t go well? Why? What did you find easy/hard? Look at the photos that have been edited, what do you like about them?


Let’s end the week with some energy. Can you keep up with Joe Wicks? Click here