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Good morning. Your last day of learning before half term! Remember to send me your learning for today to our email.

I hope you all have a lovely rest over half term. You all deserve it!


Let's start our day with a warm up.


Please watch today’s videos on RWI YouTube channel. They will show at 9.30am and will be available for 24 hours.

If you are in Miss Barnett’s group and Mrs Beech’s group you will need to watch the set 2 speed sounds, word time and spelling videos.

If you are in Miss Meakin’s group you will need to watch the set 3 speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. When you have completed this lesson, try the reading longer words lesson.

I have attached the link below. Just scroll down to find the videos you need.

Year 2 Reading

Today you are going to continue practising your reading skills using the text, The Great Fire of London for the final time. Today you are going to find and copy important words and phrases and determine whether a sentence is true or false.

Use your ninja eyes to skim and scan through the sentences to locate the correct part to copy. 

When you answer the true or false questions, look back over the text and read the sentences carefully to work out if the statement is true or false.


Year 1

Today we are going to order numbers. This means we will be putting more than two numbers in order. We will need to look at the numbers carefully to see which number is the greatest, the smallest and which numbers lie between. Sometimes we order numbers from the smallest to the greatest and sometimes from the greatest to the smallest.

We can look at how many tens there are in a number to help us order them.

Let’s order numbers from smallest to largest. Look at these numbers:


27     15     36

15 is the smallest number because it has 1 ten.

27 will come next because it has 2 tens.

36 is the greatest number because it has 3 tens.


If the numbers have the same number of tens then we need to look carefully at the ones number.

Watch today’s learning on ordering numbers. Make sure you have your worksheet ready.

Year 2

Today is our last statistics lesson before we move on to learn about shape next week!

So, today’s learning will be a mixture of problems about all of the statistic learning we have covered over this week.

You might need to explain your answer, to do this make sure you tell me what maths you used to solve the problem.

Watch this video on this link to remind you about how to make and understand pictograms:  

Make sure you read your questions carefully to answer them in the correct way as there are a range of different ways to present your answers.

To finish your maths learning this week, here is a link to a fishing game which creates a pictogram as you play! I found it tricky to get past level 2. Let me know what level you get to!

Blue group

Today we are going to a learn to add by counting on using a number line.

We are going to use the words first, then and now to make our number sentences and work out the totals. We will use a number line to count on.

Watch the video and then complete the independent activity mentioned on the video. Don’t forget to try the quiz after the video to test your learning.


Today we are going to be practising spelling some of the common exception words you need to be able to read and spell by the end of the year.

First, I would like you to look at the first word and try and take a “photograph” of it in your mind. Which is the tricky part of the word to remember?

Now rainbow write the word on a piece of paper.

then repeat with the other words.  This is a good way of learning your spellings.

When you have finished practising each spelling, I would like you to open the spelling activity, read the sentences and correct the spelling mistakes.


I have attached a copy of all the common exception words so if you want to practise your spellings this way when you have time.


I can’t wait to see how many common exception words you can read and spell when you come back to school. Send me an email of your scores and how you are doing.


Blue group: Today we are going to learn to spell words with special friends nk (I think I stink)

You have already learnt to read this sound in RWI.

I would like you to look at your worksheet. You are going to read and spell words with nk in.

You will need to use fred fingers to help you spell the words. Pinch the sound on each finger then write it down.

When you have finished there is a challenge to complete. You have to spot the correct word. Look out for special friends and Fred talk the words carefully.


Today we will carry on learning about pulse. Pulse is a steady beat like a ticking clock or your heartbeat.

We will be learning how to use our body to show pulse in different ways and how to match the rhythm pattern to the pulse.

Click on this link to watch today’s lesson with Ms Glover:


Time to get yourself active again! Are you able to keep going until the timer

runs out?

Here's the link to the playlist, you can do today's workout or a different one! Try to keep going!


Story time

It is time to find out what happened in A Monster’s Coming.

Click here to listen to the 2nd and final chapter.

I hope you enjoy the ending!