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Imagine, Believe, Succeed





Today, you are going to finish reading the final chapter of The Iron Man. Today’s reading pages are 61 till the end (between the orange stars).


There is no PowerPoint today as your written task is going to be to complete a book review. Before you begin, you must read the pages and finish the story.


When you have read the pages, answer these questions to form a book review:

  1. What is the name of the book?
  2. Who is the author of the book?
  3. What is the book about? (summarise in 3 sentences)
  4. Who was your favourite character in the book? Why?
  5. What was your favourite part of the book? Why?
  6. What ages and interests is this book suitable for? Why?
  7. Would you recommend this book? Why?
  8. Give the book a rating out of 5 stars.




Today in Literacy you are going to write the story of ‘The Iron Man’. You are going to use your s plan from yesterday to write the story.


Below is your success criteria depending on your group. I have also attached a word mat that will help you with your writing. We use this in class already so you should be familiar with it.

Please remember to send me your stories.




I can punctuate my sentences correctly.

I can punctuate speech correctly.

I can use fronted adverbials correctly.

I can use expanded noun phrases correctly.

I can retell the story in the correct order.




I can use capital letters and full stops consistently.

I can use speech marks correctly.

I can start to use fronted adverbials.

I can use interesting vocabulary.

I can retell the story in the correct order.




I can use the S plan to retell the story.

I can use full stops and capital letters correctly most of the time.

I can form my letters correctly.

I can use key vocabulary from the story.




Today, you are going to continue learning about fractions. Today’s lesson is a recap about equivalent fractions.


Here is the link to a video that will teach you everything you need to know for this lesson, just as I would teach you in class: 


After you have watched the video, have a go at answering the questions on the attached worksheet. Afterwards, you can mark your answers and ask a grown up to go through any mistakes you made that you don’t know how to correct.


Attached is a true or false for you to answer. Work through it and explain your answers. This is just a discussion to have with somebody else, you do not need to write anything down.


Green-Start from 4.

Yellow/Orange-Start from 3.

Red- Start from 1.




Today, we are learning about feelings and how we can recognise how we feel.


Watch a short clip from one of my favourite films.


Can you recognise the emotions?


List the emotions from the clip and write down what makes you feel that way.


Story Time


Please listen and enjoy a chapter a day of this incredible book.


Varjak Paw by S. F. Said


Chapter 16