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Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Morning Ahlberg class, it is Friday, what day was it yesterday can you remember? What day will it be tomorrow then? Today it is the ‘Happy’ dance, are you ready? Click here


For today’s learning we have…


One lesson will show at 9.30am each day and be available for 24 hours. 

If you are in Mrs Daniel’s RML group you will need to watch set 1. If you are in Ms Ellson’s or Mrs Riley’s RML group you will need to watch the Set 2 Speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. You should watch these every day.


I have attached the link here.


Literacy (Spelling)


Today we are going to look at our spelling families.

These special friends make the same sound but are spelt differently.

ew (chew the stew)

u-e (huge brute)

oo (poo at the zoo)

ue (come to the rescue)

Look at these words, where does the sound come in each of these words?

chew, stew, huge, brute, zoo, moon, rescue, blue

You are going to sort the words into the different ways of spelling this sound like we do in class. When you have finished choose 6 words and write a sentence for each.

Can you spell each of the words on the challenge activity?

See if a grown up can quiz you on spelling these words too! How many words can you spell correctly?

Blue group: Last week we practised spelling words with special friends sh and ch.

Today we are going to spell words with th.

First watch this video and see if you can read words with special friends th.



Now I would like you to look at your worksheet. You are going to spell words with th in.

You will need to use Fred fingers to help you spell the words. Pinch the sound on each finger then write it down.



Today we will be learning about patterns in 2D and 3D shapes. Watch this video to complete your warm-up and see your learning.

Complete the questions on the worksheet by carrying on the pattern.

Look at this pattern: Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, _________

What comes next?

Blue group: For our warm up can you match the 2D and 3D shape to their names.

Can you now look at the patterns and try to finish them. 


Today we will be learning about pulse, how to find it and how to move our body in time to the beat.

Click on this to watch today’s lesson with Ms Glover:

If you are at home then look at the power point presentation we’ve attached for you.



We would usually be doing our workout outside. But now things are a bit different. You can go to the park and use the apparatus to get fit and you can go for the walk to stay fit. Today we are going to watch the latest clip of Joe Wick. I’ll be trying it at school too. You can do it! Click here.