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Good morning Troughton Class! smiley

It is Friday again! You have worked hard this week and today is your final day of home learning before the weekend! I am so, so impressed with all the effort you are putting into your learning at home!

Thank you to the grown-ups for sending me lots of emails with the children's learning in! 


Miss Sharpe's group - Just like yesterday I would like to join in with the live phonics lesson streaming on youtube at 9:30am (remember if you miss it - don't worry! It will be on the youtube channel for 24hrs) 
You are learning set 3 sounds so make sure this is the one that you watch. You should also watch and join in with the spelling video to match the sound which you are learning today.
It's really important to keep practising your sounds. 

Here's the link:



Today you are going to continue practising reading skills using the text, 'Planting Seeds'. Today you are going to find and copy important words and phrases and determine whether a sentence is true or false.

Use your ninja eyes to skim and scan through the sentences to locate the correct part to copy. 

When you answer the true or false questions, look back over the text and read the sentences carefully to work out if the statement is true or false.

Today you can dance to, 'You are the BEST!' because you are all being so brilliant!

Maths: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green groups

Today you are going to learn how to divide by 2.

When we divide by 2 we share an amount equally, between two groups.

Here’s some starter questions for you to try.


If you divide 10 by 2 how many would be in each group?

True of false? 6 divided by 2 is 2

Can you divide 15 by 2?


Watch the video on the link below to help you learn how to divide by 2: 


When completing your learning you will always have 2 groups as you are learning to divide by 2. You will be counting how many are in each group to work out what an amount divided by 2 is.
You may have to share an amount by 2 to solve what an amount divided by 2 is.

If you draw out an amount to help you and circle groups of 2, the amount of 2s it makes is how much the total divided by 2 is equal to.

So if I had 6 and drew 6 dots and circled them in groups of 2 I would have 3 groups of 2 so I would know that 6 ÷ 2 is 3.

Maths: Blue group

Now you have practise adding and subtracting you are now going to use these skills to help you find related facts.

If you know that 2 + 3 = 5 it helps you to know other facts about these numbers.

When adding we can switch the order of the numbers being added to make the same amount.
So if 2 + 3 = 5 then 3 + 2 = 5

We can also use an addition number sentence to help us learn subtraction facts too.

If 2 + 3 = 5 then 5 – 3 = 2 and 5 – 2 = 3

When you watch your learning video below this will become clearer to you, click the link and join in with the parts you are asked to.

Now you are ready to have a go!

Writing - Spelling

Red, Orange, Yellow and Green groups

For our spelling learning this week I would like you to look carefully at these words. Say them out loud to a grown up. What do all these words have in common?

want     was     wander


These words all start with a “w”

They all have an “o” sound in them.

The “o” sound is spelt “a” after “w”.


Now look carefully at these words. Say them out loud to a grown up. What do all these words have in common?

quantity     quality     squabble


These words all start with a “qu”

They all have an “o” sound in them.

The “o” sound is spelt “a” after “qu”.

You are going to practise this spelling rule now.

Click on the link and go to the practise / test label then click begin practise.


Now click on the activity below to practise this spelling rule. You have a word search to carry on practising this spelling rule as well!

Blue group


Today we are going to look at our spelling families.

These special friends make the same sound but are spelt differently.

ow (blow the snow)

o-e (phone home)

oa (goat in a boat)

Look at these words, where does the sound come in each of these words?

blow, grow, coat, road, hope, stone

You are going to sort the words into the different ways of spelling this sound like we do in class. When you have finished choose 3 words and write a sentence for each.

Can you spell each of the words on the challenge activity?

See if a grown up can quiz you on spelling these words too! How many words can you spell correctly?


The Body Coach - Joe Wicks is putting up a P.E lesson each day on his YouTube channel. Can you complete the workout? I will be very impressed if you can do it from start to end!


Here is the link to his YouTube P.E lesson playlist: