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Imagine, Believe, Succeed




Today, you will finish Chapter 2 of ‘The Iron Man’. Today’s reading pages are the bottom of page 22-24.


Work through the Reading PowerPoint and complete today’s written task. The chapter is attached below.


Here is the order we usually follow in class for Reciprocal Reading:

  • Predict (sensible guess)

  • Read the pages

  • Clarify the meaning of words you didn’t know 

  • Answer the questions

  • Summarise




Today, your task is to write your diary entry from the view of Hogarth. Attached is an example that I have written that you might be able to magpie some ideas from. 


Be sure to use the notes from your planning yesterday. I am looking forward to reading your entries!


When you are finished, use the diary writing checklist to make sure you have included all the features in your diary.




Today you are going to have a go at a problem solving activity. To find the solutions, you will need to use your negative numbers knowledge that we learnt earlier this year. In the middle of the card is a problem and around are different challenges that I would like you to have a go at. You can record your answers however you like. Perhaps you could make a mind map and put the different answers around it.


Attached is the answer sheet so that you can check your answers afterwards.





Today you have 2 options of different PE activities you can complete. 

Option 1 - Head to Joe Wicks YouTube page and complete today’s lockdown workout.


Option 2: Create an assault course/circuit with different items from home that will work each different area of your body so you end up with a full body workout. For example, use a chair or sofa to do press ups. 


Whichever option you choose, be sure to have fun!