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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Today I would like you to practise the 'oo' sound, not the same sound as yesterday! 'oo' look at a book. 
Watch the video below and join in with the reading of the sounds and the spellings.
Use your fred fingers to pinch the sounds when spelling the words. 


For your Maths learning today I would like you subtract within 20. 
First of all you need to count the whole amount by counting how many there are in the different numicon pieces. Then you need to count how many you need to subtract. You could cross these out.
Like yesterday, you need to write the number sentences.
13 - 2 = 11


Today we are learning how to spell words by thinking about the syllables a word has. Watch the video below to teach you all about syllables.

Now complete your spelling activity, counting the syllables in each word and using each word in a sentence of your own!


It is Anti-bullying week this week so we are looking at what makes a good friend.  I would like you to think about that question: 

What makes a good friend?

Think about your friends. Why do you like them? What do they do that makes them want to be your friend? 

Are you a good friend? What makes you a good friend?


For your learning activity you need to finish this sentence on the foot print: A good friend is someone who...

Here are some ideas: 
is kind
is helpful
is funny
helps me make good choices
looks after me when I am sad
plays with me outside

Or you can think of a different reason.

Once you have completed your sentence you can decorate your foot.


Here's a story to end your day with:

Extra activities

Just like yesterday, there are some extra online activities for you to complete on education city.