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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton class! laugh

It is Friday again! Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend?
I hope you are ready for another day of learning, then it will be the weekend! smiley
Remember you can email me to say hello or to send me pictures of your super learning to:



Today I am going to attach 4 poems with questions. These are called 60 second reads. You should be able to read them fairly quickly and the answers shouldn't be too tricky to find as the poems are quite short.

Let me know how you get on! smiley

Maths: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green groups

Today we are recapping our five times table. Just like the two times table this is one I know you were fairly confident with and I hope you still are!
I have included some tips alongside your worksheet to help you. Let me know how you get on.


Watch the 5 x table song on the link below to refresh your memory before you complete your learning. Make sure you do the actions! You know I will be!

Maths: Blue group

Today we are going to be recapping our odd and even numbers again. 
Can you remember our learning from yesterday? What makes a number odd or even? Remember even means it can be shared equally between 2 and end with a 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8. Odd numbers can’t be shared equally between 2, they end with a 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Click on the worksheet for your group and first colour in the odd and even numbers. Then order the numbers correctly from smallest to biggest. You could put a little tick by the balloon when you’ve ordered it.


Here is a game to put your learning to the test:

Literacy: All groups

Baboon’s job is to make sure he lights up the moon. Today I would like you to pretend you are Baboon writing to a friend telling him or her all about your job.

You are pretending to be Baboon so you are going to need to use the words I, me and my when you are writing. For example: I am living on the moon. My house is in a crater.


Your letter should include:

An address: Baboon House, The Moon

Who you are writing to: Dear _____

Why you are writing: to let them know about your job

What you have to do.

Things you like about your job.

Your favourite thing about living on the moon.

Things that you miss.

What you wish you could do.

Anything else you want to tell your friend.

End your letter: From Baboon


I have attached an example of a letter to remind you how to set a letter out.

There are also two letter templates, one is blank and the other has some parts filled in to give you a head start. 


This week we are going to learn about chords. Chords are notes that are played at the same time.
Watch the video below and look out for the 4 chords we will be learning about today.

Now complete the worksheet below.


For your P.E learning today you are going to learn how to jump in different ways.
The power point attached will tell you some ways you can jump!
You will then choose 3 jumps to put into a sequence, remember to make a landing between each jump! Show someone at home your sequence. Ask them what you did well. Maybe they can create a sequence to show you!