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Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning.

It’s Friday! I hope you have all enjoyed your learning this week.

Have a fantastic weekend!

I enjoy seeing all your learning and telling me all your news so don’t forget you can send me your learning on the class email or write just to say hello!


Today I would like you to choose your own book from home. We are looking at comics in writing so perhaps you have a comic you can read. If not why not use the time to reread a favourite book.



Year 1: This morning we have a maths warm up to get our brains working, try to complete this independently.

This week we have learnt about fractions. We have found ½ of shapes, ½ of amounts, ¼ of shapes and ¼ of amounts. Click on the link to recap your understanding of fractions: 

Stage 1 Maths - Wholes, Halves and Quarters

Today we are going to use this knowledge of fractions to answer some questions. With the word problems remember to circle the important information like the number and fraction.

Blue group:

This week we have learnt about adding and taking away using objects to help us. Today I want you to read the maths questions carefully. Are you adding more or taking away? Say the maths sentence and say the actions out loud.


For add we say “get ready to get some more”

For take away we say “get ready to take away”

For equals we say “how many are there?”

Year 2: Don’t forget to check out the positional language prompt. This includes lots of key words you might see and some explanations!
Instead of using left and right to describe the directions you need to take today we will be using the words clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Turning clockwise is when you turn towards the right.
Turning anti-clockwise is when you turn towards the left.

You will also come across these amounts in your instructions:
¼ turn & ¾ turn, take a look at the help sheet for today’s learning. It will show you how something moves when moving these amounts in the different directions.

I hope you will be able to help the messy pirate find all of his belongings!



How did you get on yesterday?

Today you are going to put the final touches to your comic strip.

Under each picture is a caption box. A caption is the words that describe or explain the picture.

Today you are going to write sentences for each picture that tells the reader what happens in the story. Remember you need to use a capital letter to start a sentence and a full stop at the end of a sentence. You may need to use an exclamation mark (!) at the end of a sentence to show how someone is feeling. (angry, happy, sad, scared, excited)

When you have finished writing your caption boxes make sure you check you have finished the pictures, the sound / action words and captions. Don’t forget to add colour to your pictures too.


I would love to see your finished comic so please send them to me when you have finished.

If you enjoyed making your comic strip, you may want to write another comic adventure that Traction Man goes on!


Last Music lesson we learnt about a string instrument called the violin, can you remember? Today we are learning about an interesting instrument called the accordion. Click on the link below to learn about it. After you have watched the link, click on the worksheet. There is an Accordion for you to colour in after you have written 3 facts that you have learnt about the accordion, I’ve done the first one for you.

LESSON 4: Meet the Accordion!! (Kid's Music Classes Online!)


For PE this week we are going to be learning how to control our speed when we move. For this you will need a big open space, a garden if you have one or maybe walk to the local park. You could move some of the furniture and use your living room if it is raining outside. Today we are going to jog, run and sprint and by the end of the lesson you will be able to describe how to do each of these. Click on the power point below and follow the instructions, have fun staying active!


Here is the link for Joe Wick’s PE sessions if you would like to challenge yourselves.