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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning.

It’s Friday already. I hope you have all enjoyed your learning this week. Thank you to everyone who has sent me your work.

Remember you can write to me and send me your learning on the class email.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.



Today you are going to practise sequencing and ordering information about the United Kingdom.


Year 1: This morning we have a maths warm up to get our brains working, try to complete this independently.

This week you have done some fantastic learning about arrays and making and adding equal groups. Today we are going to put our learning to the test. I want you to cut some number cards up, some have numbers on them and some have a picture of an array on them. Count the array carefully and then find the number that matches it. 

Blue group: Today we are going to try and feed the minibeasts by sharing leaves equally. Remember to cross out the leaves that you use and draw them in the bubble. 

Year 2: For today’s learning you will be completing some time reasoning problems. You need to read some sentences and explain whether you agree or not and give reasons to explain why.

No need to draw any of the clocks out, if you aren’t printing out just say clock 1, clock 2 etc.
I have put some more guidance and help on the second page of each document to help you with each question.

For your challenge today: a game for you to test your learning!
Remember o’clock written digitally will have 00 for the last 2 digits, half past an hour will have 30 and quarter past will have 15!
Make sure you choose 12 hour clock.

Here’s another game you can try, where you have to choose the clock that is showing the time!


Now, as promised, we are going to meet the hero who is ready to save the day!

It is Traction Man!

Watch the story of Traction Man is Here by Mini Grey first.

Traction Man is here - Books Alive! Read Aloud children's book

Traction Man was a present from the boy’s mum and dad. He wanted a new one because his old Traction Man had broken. Traction Man can go anywhere wearing his different outfits to protect him. Today I would like you to draw and label the different outfits Traction Man wears for each of the adventures.

For example: his first adventure was to save the farm animals from the Evil Pillows! For this adventure Traction Man wore a space suit, a helmet and rocket boots. This is what you would draw and label the outfit.

Click on the document to draw and label the outfits.


This week we are going to learn about an instrument called the violin. Have you heard of this instrument before? A violin is part of the string family of instruments. Watch this clip about the violin and then see if you can label the different parts of one on the worksheet attached.

LESSON 1: Meet The Violin! (Kid's Music Classes Online)


For PE this week we are going to be learning how to pass a ball, some of you may already know how to do this, which is great, it’ll mean you’ll be brilliant at these games. All you need is a football. Ask others in your household to play a game with you too. You don’t have to do all the games but give a few ago. Let me know how you get on.