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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton class!

It is Friday already! The weeks seem to fly by. I hope you enjoyed your learning yesterday and that you are ready for another day of working hard! I hope you all have a lovely weekend, hopefully it will be nice and sunny so you can enjoy time in your gardens or go for a walk! laugh


Today I would like you to choose a story you have read this week and create a book review for it.
* What you liked or disliked
* Your favourite part
* Draw part of the story
* Rate the story out of 5 (5/5 would mean it was the best, 1/5 would mean it wasn't very good)

Maths: Green, Yellow, Orange & Red groups

Today, you guessed it... you will be completing some subtraction word problems!


Red & Orange group, your first set of questions are word problems subtracting from 20, so you could use the same methods you used on Monday where you had 20 of the same objects and were making number pairs. So if your questions said someone had 20 and subtracted 16 you would put 16 of your objects in one group and the left over ones would give you your answer. When you get to your challenge questions today, i've really tried to trick you! I have told you some ways to help you work the problems out though, so don't worry! Try your best. laugh


Yellow & Green group, you could use the same methods as you used yesterday to subtract to help you with your word problems. For your challenge questions I have given you some tips on the first few but not all of them as I want you to have a go! 

Maths: Blue group

You are going to have a go today at looking for equal groups. You need to read the questions carefully, ask a grownup to help you! Some of the questions are true or false, others you need to think about what the missing numbers are and others you need to do some careful counting. I will attach another power point to explain each of the different question types that you need to do. smiley

Literacy: All groups

Today we are going to find out about the lady who rides a very special bike. Her name is Mrs Armitage.

Watch the story of “Mrs Armitage on wheels.”  Listen carefully. When you have finished, I would like you to write sentences to show all the ways Mrs Armitage changed the bike and why she added the new objects.
For example: Mrs Armitage added an umbrella to her bike so that she could stay dry.

Mrs Armitage on wheels by Quentin Blake

Mrs. Armitage loves riding her bike with her dog Breakspear, but what does her bike need? Listen to the story and find out!


This week we are going to be focusing on rhythm. Rhythm is the repeated sound you can hear in a piece of music. Below is a video of Meg to show us about following a rhythm. Have a watch and then do the task in the next sentence.


Can you listen to a radio or some music on youtube at home and clap along with the rhythm? Or can you write your own rhythm using crotchets and quavers?

EPISODE 2: Learning Rhythm Level 1! (Kid's Music Classes Online)

Welcome to Music With Meg - online music classes for children! Have fun while meeting new instruments, learning music theory and exploring the wonderful worl...


For this week we are going to be having our PE session on a Friday. I would like you to choose one of Joe Wick’s PE sessions from this week to complete. Remember to try your best, I’ll be doing it home as well. I hope I choose one with kangaroo jumps, those are still my favourite!
I've uploaded Monday's below but you can get to all of his videos if you search P.E with Joe Wicks on YouTube. Enjoy! laugh

PE With Joe | Monday 20th April