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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 27th March



We will be moving away from fractions/decimals and percentages next week

Today click onto the link below, there are lots of resources to make sure you have understood our learning from the last two weeks.

Choose the one you feel you need to look at - remember you do not need to print these, you can answer them on paper and the answers are there for you to check.


Blue group, I would like you to look at tenths, look at lesson 3 on the website link below





It may be some weeks until we are back in school and we will have so much to catch up on. I would like you to start a weekly journal, on Friday write about the things that you have done this week that you have enjoyed. 


I will be including my lovely walks in the sunshine and online chats with my family, friends and the children and parents from Year 5.


When we get back together we will be able to share our journals, so make them as bright and colourful as you can. If you want to type them up on line then at the end you can email them to me and we will be able to print them off.



This afternoon is forecast to be warm and sunny, next week looks cloudy and grey so today I would like you to get out in your gardens and create a sculpture or picture using the things that are out there.


This could be leaves and grass or sticks and stones or maybe some of your play equipment. If you look at the work of the artist Andrew Goldsworthy on line you will see some amazing examples. 


If you do not have an outside space then look around the house for things you can use to create a picture or sculpture (ask an adult if you can use them) but not any drawing today.


Have fun and send me pictures of your creations if you can.