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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton class laugh It was really lovely to see some fantastic posters of how to stay healthy and lots of your other work too! Please keep sending me examples of your learning so I know how you are getting on. A reminder of the email address for our class: 
It's Friday now, so this will be the last work set for you until Monday! I hope you have some fun things lined up for the weekend to do at home. smiley I'm going to play some board games and watch some films! 


Green, Yellow, Orange & Red group: Place value of digits in a 2 digit number.
You will be looking at the underlines digit on your work sheet and say the value of that digit. The example one is like this: 13 so you have to say what the value of the underlined digit is in words and write the value in numbers too. The 1 is underlined. It is is the tens column. One 10 is 10. So the answers are: ten & 10.

If the question was 85 you'd think about which column the 5 is in, and it is is the ones. 5 ones is 5. So the answers would be five & 5.

Your challenge today will help prepare you for next week's learning! 

If you want some extra practice have a go at the Daily 10 (Level 2: Digit Values: Up to 99) 

Blue Group Maths

This morning you will be adding 2 numbers together. Remember to put the biggest number in your head and count on! laugh 
Use the number line to help you if you are stuck.


Green, Yellow, Orange & Red group: 
Watch Meerkat mail one last time. I would like you to retell the story. Can you tell the story? What did Sunny do? Where did he go? Who did he see? 

Read my example to help you, I only did the first bit though! Make sure you use capital letters and full stops in the correct places! laugh



Blue Group: Watch the story one last time 
You are going to pause the video after each day, you will tell your grown up what happened! At the end of the story, tell your grownup which part you enjoyed the most. 


Complete the activity mats, just as you did on Monday and Tuesday. 

Blue group make sure you click the one which is labelled blue group! laugh

Art: I have been so impressed by your sketching skills and realised there were lots of videos for how to sketch a Meerkat! You can pretend it is Sunny. I can't wait to see the results. Maybe I will have a go too! blush

Here are some links to videos that will help you sketch the meerkat. You can choose which video you want to follow.


Reading: Today I would like you to choose a story for your grownup to read to you! Make sure they use good expression for the different characters. blush

Just for fun: Choose one of these activities to do if you want to.


- Make a model out of junk 
- Create a picture out of stones/twigs or anything outside
- build a tall tower using things from inside your home
- build a fort/den 


I look forward to seeing what you get up to! laugh