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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 19th September

 Reciprocal reading - Today we will be finishing chapter 2 of our story, Lila's adventure is getting even more interesting!

Once you have read today's pages (26-31) try the following questions and tasks:


Predict what you think the pirates might do to Lila?


Clarify - impatience, alarmingly, stoutest, plume, sarong, tartan, prow, apprehensively, unsteadily, daggers, vigorously, captured.


Why was the boat called ‘The Bloody Murderer’? 
Why did they tell Lila they were a River Boat? 
Which word shows that Lila was nervous when she was in the boat?

Copy the sentence in the text to explain why the stoutest man was the
most impressive.


Summarise Lila’s experience with the pirates in 3 sentences.

Maths - In maths we are carrying on looking at Place Value but in some different ways. Take a look at the Power Point then try the questions.
 In Art we are looking at shapes and shading skills. Everyday objects are often made up of simple shapes, a washing machine for example, is a square with a circle inside. Take a look at the Power Point, explore your surroundings and practice your shading skills.