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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 17th July 2020

Good Morning! 

It is your last year in year 3! Have a good day and I hope to see you on zoom later (4pm) for an end of year zoom party! 


Stay safe,

Miss Sharpe. 

Reciprocal Reading 

As we have finished our book, today we are going to write a book review for Nim’s Island. 


Below is a template which you may write on if you wish. Or you could design your own book review sheet if you do not have access to a printer.


Today, I would like you to write your own adventure ‘Nim at Sea.’ This will be your last piece of writing for me in Year 3, as you will be moving into Year 4 when you come back in September - so lets make this piece the best!!! 


In your writing this week, you will need to include: 

  • cursive handwriting

  • capital letters/full stops (capitals for names too) 

  • finger spaces

  • commas in a list or after fronted adverbials

  • interesting adjectives/adverbs to keep the reader interested/engaged.


Today, I would like you to have a go on TimesTableRockstars. Log into your account and hit ‘Play’. I have individually set you all the times tables you need to practise. This is just to help you keep up with practising your times tables and improve your speed and fluency with mental maths.


I will have a look later at how your scores have improved and how many coins you have earnt. 


Have fun Rockstars!

Afternoon session:

Join me for the 'end of Year Zoom Party' at 4PM - please check  your emails for the details. 


End of year reflections and appreciations:

To the parents: 

As this year comes to a close, I would like to thank all parents for your support this year, working hard with your children at home and still continuing to email in to myself to stay in contact through such difficult times. 


To the children:

To my wonderful 'King-Smith' Class - I am sad to know that I will not be having all of you together for one last time to mark the end of our year together and to celebrate as we usually would in class. However, I want you all to know, you are all amazing and you have tried so hard this year in all of your learning. I have enjoyed teaching those of you I have never taught before and have enjoyed getting to know who you are. Also, I have had the pleasure of teaching some of you not only once, but twice! I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to watch you grow from Year 1 to Year 3 and continue growing and maturing throughout the year. Keep being you and I hope you have the best year with your new teachers, in year 4.

Stay safe over the holidays and I will see you when you all return. I may even still work with some of you when we return back to school. 


Thanks so much, 

Miss Sharpe.