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Friday 17th July

Morning Ahlberg class, it is Friday, today is our last day of us doing our learning together like this. I know it has been an odd way to finish Year 1. You have all been such superstars and I thank you for being so good for doing your learning at home and a huge thank you for he parents for taking on the role of teacher at home. Have a lovely Summer holiday and I am looking forward to seeing you all back at school in September.

Today is Miss Meakin’s favourite…


For today’s learning we have…



Remember to practise your sounds daily. RWI will be holding daily virtual lessons for children to practise their sounds:

Set 1 sounds at 9:30am

Set 2 sounds at 10:00am

Set 3 sounds at 10:30am

They have updated these lessons to include word time for set 1 speed sounds and spelling for set 2 and 3.

There is also “Storytime with Nick” three times a week (Mon, Wed & Fri at 2pm) and some poems that your child can learn and perform.



Today is our spelling day, we’re going to concentrate on our common exception words with this fun activity mat. See if you can complete it independently this week.


Today is our last Literacy lesson of the year! While you have been learning from home we have looked at many different books. Today I am going to ask you to write and tell me what has been your favourite book and why.

I have listed the books below and put the links on so you can watch them again if you need to.

Remember to include:

  • the title of your favourite book and the author
  • a reminder about who the main characters are
  • a reminder about what the story is about
  • your favourite part of the story
  • why you liked this book

I look forward to seeing which has been your favourite.


Meerkat Mail

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car

Why Anansi Has Eight Legs

Anansi and the Melon

Traction Man is Here


This morning we have a maths warm up to get our brains working, try to complete this independently.

ALL groups:

This is your last maths lesson in Year 1, so I thought we’d go outside for our lesson today. I want you to go for a walk and collect some of your own data. You don’t have to collect the same as me, I have attached 2 graphs, 1 is blank and 1 has my choices. Click on the power point to see the task explained for today. Have fun!


Remember to practise your times tables with Times Tables Rock Stars.


For our last computing session for this year, I want you to think about the technology that is around you. Technology is a machine or device that we can use. There is technology all around us, our phones, our TVs, our cars. Can you think of any others? Do all these pieces of technology look the same? Does every phone, TV or car look the same? Why do you think this is?

Technology is forever changing and getting better. Watch the power point attached to learn about how technology has changed over the past years. Now click on the worksheet to sort technology from the past from technology from the present (what we have now).


For PE today I thought we would do a Sports day from home! You have all been working so hard and it is a shame we didn’t get to do our sports day on our school field. So instead I thought we could have a little fun creating our own sports days from home. Try and take part in the activities suggested in your garden, living room, bedroom or local park. The main aim is to have fun with your family. I look forward to seeing your pictures!