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Friday 12th February

Friday 12th February

Below you will find all the learning for today. This includes reading, writing, maths and a foundation subject (Science, Geography, History, R.E, Computing, art or Design Technology). The coloured activities should be completed if your child is in that group in class. All reading texts and worksheets can be found at the bottom of the page, some reading texts will be posted Monday for use all week. 


Reading - Book Review: Macbeth

Choose the version of the story that you preferred:

  • Macbeth the text 
  • Macbeth the graphic novel 

For the text you have chosen I would like you to complete the book review page found in the document section below. You need to think about these 5 areas:

  1. What is the book about? (but no spoilers - we want people to want to read it)
  2. Who is the book for? (who is the suitable audience?)
  3. What rating would you give this book out of 5 stars? (half stars are allowed)
  4. Which image would best show the theme of this book?
  5. What 3 things should people know about the character you have chosen? (again no spoilers please). 


Writing - Shakespeare: Macbeth

Today you should complete the extended write you began yesterday.  Throughout the week you have learnt how to write a playscript. I would now like you to chose another section of the play and this time write it as a script including all of the features as you go along. If you need help you can remind yourself with your booklet from Monday's lesson, the key features list at the bottom of the page or the video clip we used earlier in the week.

Green and Yellow - Include complex and compound sentences in your setting descriptions and figurative language - use the check list at the bottom of the page to ensure you include all the key features.

Orange and Red - Include figurative language in your setting description - use the check list at the bottom of the page to ensure you include all the key features.

Blue - Include adjectives and adverbs (quickly, slowly, happily) to describe how things look and move - use the check list at the bottom of the page to ensure 


Maths - Prodigy - Go to: prodigygame

This week I would like all children to access prodigy. The new class code is - A572D7A add yourself to the class if you haven't already. So make sure you are connected to Lewis class. 


Last week's top 3 players were:

Gold - Ethan

Silver - Adam

Bronze - Leo

Amazing scores, keep up the excellent work team. Who can be top next week?


Today the assessment period is over. So the first questions set for you will be based around measurement. Use the tools provided to find the answers to the problems. 


Double Foundation - PSE (Zoom) and Music

PSE: Zoom - 12:00pm

Today is an opportunity for us all to get together and share our news, ask questions about our work or the world around us and just chat.

I would like to think about how we manage ourselves, our time and the things around us. Do we make the best of what we have available? Could we do more for ourselves than we do?

Our meeting ID is 398 812 5276 and the password remains the same as last time, if you would like a reminder just email me.



Can you feel the rhythm? What is the rhythm? 

It is that beat you find yourself tapping to or moving to when a song plays. Today I want you to watch the lesson here and complete the tasks you are asked to. Email me to tell me how you found it.