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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Friday 12th February

It's fantastic Friday! What a lovely week we have had and what a lot of fantastic learning you have done.

You are super stars give yourselves a pat on the back.



Before we begin our fantastic Friday let's take a look at our photographs from yesterday.

It's time to wake up and shake up.

Today we would like you to listen to the instructions on the song and follow them.


This week we have looked at the picture card, made sound soup and listened to two songs all about the sound "p".

Your task today is to go on a sound hunt either around your house or garden or a walk outdoors.

We would like you to collect items that begin with the sound "P"

Can you tell your grown up what you have collected?


It's story time! Lets listen to the story The Three Little Pigs for one last time.


The mummy pig in the story was so happy to see her three little pigs again that she gave them a great big hug.

How does a hug make you feel?

Personal, social and emotional development.

Can you talk about hugs with your grown up?

We have some questions for you to answer.

1. How do you feel when you give someone a hug?

2. How does it feel when someone gives you a hug?

3. Who should we give hugs to?

4.Why do you think hugs are important?

We now have a fantastic creative activity for you to make.

We would love it if you could make a paper hug.

You will need paper, paint or crayons and scissors.

First draw the outline of a face on your paper  add some shoulders and long arms.

Next paint or colour the features of a face onto your outline.

Then cut carefully around the outline ask your grown up to help you on the tricky bits.

Next fold the arms inwards to make a hug.

Who are you going to give your hug to?

We would love to see some pictures of your paper hugs.




Today we are going to build the house of sticks.

We would love it if you could go outdoors either to your garden or for a walk with your grown up.

Can you gather up some sticks and twigs?

Now we have a task for you.

Can you carefully balance the sticks to make a house for the little pig?

Do you have a toy pig that you could place inside the house?

1. How many sticks have you used to build your house?

2. Are they long sticks or short sticks?

3. How many long sticks did you use?

4. How many short sticks did you use?

We would love to see some photographs of the wonderful houses that you have built.

Optional extra

Oatmeal cinnamon sensory mud


This is a fun but very messy activity.

This 'mud' is made from oats and cinnamon but you can use any cereals or anything that you have in the cupboard. You can mark make using different cutlery or use just your fingers - Have fun!

Just mix together some oats and a two teaspoons of cinnamon.



1. Sensory play builds nerve connections within the developing brain’s neural pathways, which trigger a child’s inclination for and ability in competing more complex learning tasks

2. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction

3. Sensory play aids in developing and enhancing memory functioning

4. Sensory play is great for calming an anxious or frustrated child

5. Sensory play helps children learn vitally important sensory attributes (hot, cold, sticky, dry, etc)

We would love it if you could use some describing words to tell your grown up how the mud feels.

What words could you use?

Here are some examples   Sticky. gooey. soft, spicy.


We know that most of the children in the Nursery class really enjoy Peppa Pig.

As a Friday treat here is a number episode for you to watch.

We hope that you and your family all have a lovely weekend.